Pom Pom Ornaments

17 Nov


These are the easiest most kid friendly ornaments ever but the real magic happens when you hang them. The colorful pom poms take on a whimsical candy like effect. To make them you will only need a few items. They also make great teacher or grandparent gifts or just gift tags.


You will need:

2- 3″  circles from felt- you can cut these yourself or buy them pre-cut.

6″ string, twine or ribbon  to hang

Pom Poms the ones I used are 1/4″ 10mm

Felt Glue or Hot Glue


Tie string into a loop and glue to one circle shape.

Glue pom poms down as desired and then glue circles together. Allow to dry then hang.

Ornaments kids can make

Happy Crafting!


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Just a Phase- Glow in the dark felt moon ornament.

16 Nov

Glow in the dark felt moonBring the wonders of the universe to your Christmas tree this year! This glow in the dark felt moon ornament shines with it’s own light thanks to glow in the dark felt. Scientifically accurate

You will need:

Glow felt*

Black felt*

4″ string or ribbon for hanging

*matching thread


One large circle shape from glow in the dark felt and one from black felt, cut out details from glow felt and dark shapes from black felt. You can freehand the smaller shapes for tips on cutting small or difficult shapes from felt see THIS POST.


Sew details to glow in the dark felt circle as shown.


Stitch the moon shape and details onto black circle. Stitch mouth and stitch down eye.


Stack front and back pieces together and overcast stitch around the outside of the circles. Place ribbon between the two pieces and stitch completely. For tips on stitches see This Post

moon ornament


Hang and enjoy your new felt moon ornament!

Happy Crafting


Moon Ornament Template



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Turkey Rattle – DIY

14 Nov


Help the littlest member of your family enjoy the fall holiday with this adorable and easy felt turkey rattle.


You will need:

5″ x 6 Felt for Turkey I used Penny

Scraps for feathers, I used; Wine, Autumn Leaves, Mustard Seed, Orange Juice and Pastry

Scrap for eyes I used Black

Scrap For beak I used Mustard Seed,

Scrap for comb and snood (that’s totally a word) I used Wine


Rattle Insert


One Turkey front, and two turkey outlines from felt.

Two eyes from black, one beak from mustard yellow, one snood and one comb from red toned felt.  Cut feathers from desired colors.

Turkey rattle

Stitch eyes and snood to face, add beak and sew line in the center with black thread.

turkey rattle how to

Stitch the feathers down to one of the turkey outlines using matching thread and a running stitch.

sew felt turkeySew comb down and then sew down detailed turkey body. Sew up the sides of wings to highlight them using black thread.

Making a felt turkeySew detailed front to plain back piece. Overcast stitch stopping before closing to stuff and add rattle insert to felt toy.


Sew closed.


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Happy Crafting


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Crinkly Crunchy Felt Leaves

13 Nov

DIY crinkle leaves

Jumping into a pile of crunchy fall leaves is one of the time-honored traditions of fall. Bring the fall fun with you with these adorable crunchy crinkle leaves. This step by step pattern and tutorial will take you through the creation of the cutest trio of crunchy felt leaves you’ve ever had the pleasure of cavorting with.

DIY crinkle leaves tutorial and pattern How to

You will need:

9″ x 12″ felt sheet for each of the leaves I used Lemongrass, Orange Juice and Poinsettia*

Black felt scrap for eyes*

Pink felt scrap for cheeks I used Paris Pink *

Crinkle Paper

*matching thread


Two of each of the leaf shapes, 6 eye shapes and 6 cheek shapes.

fall felt craft project

Cut the crinkle material into a rectangle slightly larger than your leaf.CL1

Stitch the crinkle to one side of each leaf-shaped as marked in grey on the template. A running stitch or a back stitch works well for this project for more on stitches see THIS POST.

Crinkly leaves

Trim crinkle. Set aside.crinkle leaves felt

Sew face to mirroring side of lead shape using matching thread and a running stitch. Stitch smile with black thread.

Felt leaves for kids

Sew face side to vein side using an overcast stitch.

crinkle leaf

how to make crinkle leaves

crinkling leaves tutorial and pattern

Stop By the Shop:


Print at full size. Leaf templates crinkle

leaves template

Happy Crafting!


Crunchy Crinkle leaves tutorial

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Thanksgiving Family Leaf Banner

9 Nov


Continuing the leaf theme why not craft up a Thanksgiving banner to store your LEAF PLACE CARDS and adorn your walls this year?  This family banner goes together easily. Customize with the font and words of your choice for a unique heirloom piece your family will look forward to every year.

Felt banner -DIY fall

placecards name tag

You will need:

17″ x 23″ Felt background I used white

1/4 yard beige felt for bushel basket I used Pastry

1/4 yard letter color I used Chocolate

Felt scraps for Leaf Shapes (template here)  plus scraps for leaves on rope

I like Penny, Hot Chocolate, Mustard Seed, Autumn Leaves and Goldenrod

19″ dowel at least 1/4″ thick

Twine or ribbon to hang

Leaf place cards (tutorial here)


Fold felt in half as shown and cut as shown.  Set aside.

Cut out leaf shapes for base I used 8 leaf shapes but you can of course use as many or as few as you like.  Set aside.

From beige felt cut out bushel base, pocket, rim, top and bottom slat slats 1-10, these are made a little wonky to make it look more like a bushel basket so don’t worry about them too much.


On top of base line up slats in order 1-10 and place top and bottom slat over the top. Stitch down with a running stitch and matching thread.

thanksgivingcraft2.jpgStitch staple details in a darker brown thread.


Stitch pocket to back of base. It won’t reach all the way down this is to keep the pocket shallow and place cards accessible.

Stitch down the bottom of the rim (the rest can be stitched down when you sew it to the banner.  Set aside.

Cut out the lettering, I used a font set to about 3″ tall. You can easily adjust your font for size or the amount of lettering.

In retrospect I do wish that I had chosen a thicker letter some of the thinner sections felt too fragile. For tips on cutting difficult shapes see THIS POST



Layout your pieces and adjust as desired.


Place your felt lettering and stitch down with matching thread and a running stitch.

Always place the lettering first. You can set each of your pieces with a small dab of felt glue to hold while you sew. You can also glue the shapes down but they lack the same feel as the stitched versions so I think the extra work is worth it.

Stitch down felt leaf shapes along the base and finally the bushel basket pocket on top.




Fold top of banner over 1.5″ for a small dowel, more for thicker dowels.

Sew or glue down to create a channel. Slip the dowel in.


Sew  two smaller leaf shapes to each end of your twine.




Happy Crafting!


Thanksgiving banner pattern and template use at full size







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Felt Leaf Place-card settings.

7 Nov felt leaf placecards - American Felt and Craft

Fall placecards

Gather all the leaves of your family tree together this fall with fall leaf place settings. These easy DIY felt leaves will last the test of time and make a beautiful and timeless addition to any table setting. Best of all they sew up quick and easy.

felt leaf template- name settings

You will need:

Felt scraps I used, Mustard Seed, Poinsettia, Tangerine, Chocolate, Autumn Leaves, Fresh Cut Grass and Hot Chocolate. You will need enough of each color to cut two matching shapes. Check the leaf template below. *

Scraps of clear vinyl

Names printed out- I used font called Perfume Classic at 36 point but you can customize the font and size to work with your style.

*Matching Thread

How to make leaf place settings:

Cut two of each leaf shape for each name card. Carefully cut a rectangle from the center of one of the leaves. Check to make sure the name will fit.

felt leaf - place settingPlace a larger scrap of vinyl over the rectangle and sew into place using a running stitch.

Cut away extra vinyl.

felt name tag

Place leaf sides together and sew along the edges with a running stitch and matching thread.

name card leafSlip name into rectangle before closing.


That’s all you need to whip up a big batch of felt foliage for your fall table.

placecards name tag

felt leaf placecard - fall leaves

Leaf template:

felt leaf template- name tags

Happy Crafting!


felt leaf placecards - American Felt and Craft

Stop by the shop:Bushel of Blessings - Fall Felt Sheets

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Fall Felt Leaves with Templates

6 Nov

felt leaf

If you have never seen the New England in the fall you’re missing a riot of color. Impossibly bright oranges and yellows fade into russets and mustards. Pops of burgundy, gold, and deep reds tipped in oak and chocolate browns dance among the deep greens of the few leaves yet unchanged.


But I live in the Phoenix metropolitan area so we have like…yellow.

If you aren’t near the incredible mix of shades and colors add some fall color to your home with fall leaves. Making these from a sturdy wool blend felt creates the perfect base for a felt wreath, leaf garland, table scatter or any fall project you can dream up.

felt fall leaves

Even if you are lucky enough to witness the beauty and splendor of beautiful fall leaves it doesn’t hurt to bring a little of the spectacle and wonder inside. These leaf templates are a must have in your fall felt crafting arsenal.

You can use practically any color in the world for your felt leaves but here are the colors I used.


Click on color name below to go directly to the color.

Saddle Brown, Mustard, Egg Yolk, Hot Chocolate, Fresh Cut Grass, Autumn Leaves, Tangerine, Darkest Ruby, Chocolate, Poinsettia, Wine and Penny

Leaf Template Print at full size

leaf templates

Stop by The Blog all this week to see projects using felt foliage!

Happy Crafting!


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