Spring Bunny Garland

6 Mar


I know we just did a garland but you’ll have to indulge me with this one because when I saw these gorgeous floral felt prints I knew they needed to be spring bunnies.

For this project I used English Garden and High Tea from the newest arrivals to our collection of nearly 200 felt prints. These floral prints are the highest quality felt and are totally washable. I paired these rabbit pals with some lovely cabbages for a springtime farmhouse feel.

felt florals, spring cabbage

Felt Florals! 


easy spring crafts bunny and cabbage felt

For Bunnies

1 – 9″ x 12″ floral felt sheet in High Tea

1- 9″ x 12″ floral felt sheet in English Garden

For Cabbage

2 – 9″ x 12″ pale green felt, I used Irish Cream *

Hot Glue Gun


Doll Needle – for threading

2 yards string or cord – (adjust length as needed)

* w/ matching thread


Using templates below cut 3 bunny shapes from one floral print, Flip template over before cutting 3 more rabbits from the second floral felt. This will keep your bunnies facing in different directions. Set aside.

felt cabbageFrom Irish Cream cut

4 – Cabbage Bases

16- Large Cabbage Leaves

12- Small Cabbage Leaves

IMG_0412Create the cabbage center by stitching a gathering stitch around the outside of your pre-cut circle, fill with a small amount of stuffing and pull closed. Stitch through the center a few times to hold and knot. Repeat with remaining three cabbage bases.

IMG_0436Gently pull along the rounded areas of all the leaves until the felt becomes a little distorted. This works best with wool blend felt, pulling on the fibers stretches them and thins them in areas creating a more natural look.

 Using a hot glue gun glue three small leaves around the base one at a time. The teardrop bottom should wrap around the bottom. Curl or fold leaves and glue down as desired. Try not to use too much glue because you will need to run a doll needle through this later.

Add four of the large leaves around the base and glue down.

Repeat with all 4 cabbages. If you prefer a bigger or fuller cabbage add more leaves.

IMG_0469Thread needle and bring string through the top of the rabbits and then thread through the top of a cabbage. Threading through the top insures the cabbage hang the right direction. Make sure they are facing the correct way when you thread them through.
making a garland from feltAdd a bunny of the second print, then a cabbage and so on.


cabbagerabbitgarlandSpring Bunny Garland PDF


spring felt crafts

Llama Love Garland

2 Feb


Everyone loves a llama so it seems fitting that llamas are the featured players in this fun felt valentine’s day garland.

Felt Llama Garland Tutorial

You will need:

Red felt- I used Big Apple *

White felt *

Grey felt *

Pink Felt – I used Pink Tutu *

Brown felt – I used Mud Puddle and Toffee

Embroidery thread in pink, black and white

White String or cord (about 3 yards)

Doll needle (a very long needle with a large eye for threading)


Sewing Needle

*Matching Thread

Cut 3 large red hearts and 15 small hearts from red felt, the smaller ones are easier to do freehand. Start by cutting a small square and then use one corner to form the point. Cut one rounded top and then refine the other rounded top as shown below.

hearts felt

Cut 3 blanket shapes from white felt and 3 from pink felt, to create fringe cut small slits along the bottom (rounded edge) Cut away every other notch as shown below.

Llama craft

Accent llama blankets with heart shapes, you can either glue or sew them down. For the pink blanket arrange 5 small hearts with any slightly larger ones in center. You my want to check to make sure the blankets are facing opposite directions before sewing. There is a bump at the back end of each blanket. And you will want your felt llamas to be facing different directions.


Cut 6 llama shapes from grey felt and 6 from white felt. I used two different brown tones for the muzzle and legs of the llamas. You will need 6 muzzles and 6 sets of legs, three of each color if you are using two colors. Set legs to the side.

Sew muzzle to the front of three of each color llama making sure the grey and white llamas are facing opposite directions.

Accent the muzzle with  black embroidery thread in stitches to form a smile and create an eye with a french knot.


Sew blanket down with matching thread and accent the ends with a few stitches of embroidery thread.

llama craftsRepeat this process with the grey felt llamas again making sure they are facing the opposite directions. llama stuffiePlace llama shapes together and overcast or whip stitch together, placing the legs between the two pieces, you will have to sew along them with a running stitch. Stuff llamas before sewing shut.

Repeat until you have 3 grey llamas and 3 white llamas.

Set llamas aside.


Cut 3 tassel shapes, freehand the fringe, it doesn’t need to be exact.

Roll from the cut side and wrap the top around before sewing with a few stitches or gluing to hold. felt tassels -diy

Cut 6 heart rectangles from red felt. Place two sides together. Sew one side together with red thread and an overcast or running stitch. Open the shape and bring the two unsewn ends together in the opposite direction and sew together. Repeat to create remaining two hearts.

How to make felt hearts

Stitch or glue tassel to base of heart.

tassel heart

Thread doll needle with string and sew through the back of the llama head.llama garland tutorialBring doll needle through the heart shape near the top. felt valentines day craft

String remaining llamas and hearts. Tie loops on both ends of the string to hang.


Llama template- print at full size.

Link for PDF 





Happy Crafting!

~ Andie

Stop by the shop and check out hundreds of felt colors, prints and thicknesses.

American Felt and Craft

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Felt Chestnuts Christmas Craft

30 Nov

Felt Chestnut Christmas Craft

Roast some felt chestnuts by an open felt campfire this year, string them up for felt chestnut Christmas ornaments, a unique nature inspired felt banner or scatter them along your holiday display, the options for these guys are endless. Best of all this felt Christmas craft can be made from scraps and sews together SO fast and easy. I found these look best when you make them in various sizes so I have included three size variations on the craft template.

You will  need:

Scrap felt – about 3″ x 3 per- Chestnut color I used Auburn but you could easily use a darker shade like Brownie or Chocolate

Scrap felt 1″ x 1″ per -Chestnut top color I used Camel

Thread to match nut colored felt.



One side and one front from Chestnut color

One top from top color.


Stitch open area of the side piece with a quick overcast stitch.

How to make a felt chestnut

Attach the front piece with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

Making felt chestnut Christmas craft

Stuff. Lastly sew on the top piece with an overcast stitch and that’s it!

Felt Chestnuts Christmas Craft

Now make like a squirrel and fill your home with these fun Christmas crafts.

Happy Crafting!


chestnuts felt DIY

Chestnut Template


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Playful Penguin Felt Christmas Ornament Pattern and Tutorial

27 Nov


I’ve been patiently waiting for Thanksgiving to pass to share this pattern and tutorial for these SUPER cute felt penguin Christmas ornaments. I just love how these guys turned out. If you are careful to place the feet correctly they can even stand on their own! Whip up one penguin ornament or 20, they make great gifts and the pom pom accented snow hats can be personalized with  various colors,  felt prints or embroidery.  I hope you find these felt penguins as charming as I do and they earn a spot on your Christmas sewing craft list this year.

penguin Christmas Ornament Pattern

For each penguin Christmas ornament you will need:


4″ x  6″ Black felt*

2″ x 2.5″ White felt*

3″ x 1.5″ scrap orange Felt* I used Tangerine

3″ x 3″ felt scrap for hat color felt I used Paris Pink, Grey and Aqua*

*matching thread


Ribbon 3″ or longer for hanging

Medium sized pom pom

Penguin Template (at the end of this post)


2 felt penguin bodies from black felt, 2 of each of the flippers and 2 eyes from black felt.

1 belly piece from white felt

1 beak and 2 of each of the feet from orange felt.

2 Hat shapes from felt color of choice



Sew feet together with matching thread and an overcast stitch.

Place two matching flipper pieces together and overcast stitch, stuff lightly before closing. Set pieces aside.



Place belly and stitch down eyes and beak Stitch belly down with white thread and a running stitch.


Place hat sides so they line up and stitch down. On the front side of the penguin sew line accents to cap with contrasting thread.

felt penguin ornament tutorial and pattern

Sew back to front placing ribbon between the pieces to help hang your Christmas ornament. Stuff before closing.

DIY Penguin felt ornament pattern

Sew flippers to either side at the shoulders.


Sew feet to the base, sew so that the majority of the feet extend in the front if you want your felt penguin to be able to stand on his own.

American Felt and Craft - Online Craft Store


Penguin Christmas Ornament

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felt ornament tutorial sequined snowman

Monogrammed Bear Christmas Ornaments

21 Nov


I love the sweet simplicity of this felt ornament. A cheeky polar bear glances back and the sparkle of red sequins bounces off the boxwood leaf border. The back of this diy felt Christmas ornament is left open for space to personalize with an initial and there is even a small space above to stitch a year if you wish. I’ve included the most common initials but if yours isn’t among the four just print out your desired letter at about 200 point.

Felt bear Christmas Ornament DIY tutorial

You will need:


 6″ x 9″ Grey felt *

4″ x 4″ felt scrap in red I used Poinsettia *

4′ x 5″ green felt scrap – I used Sea Glass

4″ x 5″  Antique White felt scrap *

*Matching thread

Brown thread

Red Sequins I used Classic Red

Black Cross Stitch or Embroidery Thread.

4″ ribbon to hang.


2 oval shapes from grey felt, 1 polar bear from white felt, letter from red felt and 40 boxwood leaves from muted green felt. Don’t let the amount of leaves or their small size intimidate you. They are super small and you don’t need a template so these cut out much easier and faster than you might suspect.


Mark out areas where the boxwood leaves will be. Sew polar bear down with white thread. Add accent areas like the tail, ears and shoulder in white thread. Sew a french knot for the bears eye using black cross stitch thread and stitch over the nose area. For tips on these stitches see our  post on stitches. HERE


Layout boxwood leaves 10 on each end 5 going one direction 5 the other as shown.

Stitch down with brown thread.

bear Christmas ornament pattern

Attach sequins to center of boxwood border, 1 on the top, 3 along the bottom with matching thread.

For more on attaching sequins see THIS POST

DIY Christmas Ornament

Repeat the process on the other felt oval shape using the letter instead of the bear shape. Add felt boxwood leaf border. Sew the ribbon to the top of your Christmas ornament in a loop.

DIY felt polar bear Christmas Ornament

Place pieces together and overcast stitch around the outside and your polar bear Christmas ornament is complete.

Felt Ornament Tutorial and Pattern to sew

Happy Christmas Ornament Crafting!


bear template

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9 (1)

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DIY felt snowman ornament tutorial

Gingerbread Hand Puppets

20 Nov

7 If these classic gingerbread faces don’t put you in the holiday spirit you may want to check your pulse. Making a set of soft sweet gingerbread puppets is as easy as can be. Your felt gingerbread friends are a great way to engage little ones in the holiday festivities and spark imaginative holiday play.  Best of all they go together quickly and easily with this step by step tutorial and pattern. So without further ado here’s how to make a set of your own gingerbread hand puppets.

gingerbread hand puppets

You will need:


1/4  yard brown felt or 4 – 9″ x 12″ sheets – I used Mud Puddle*

4″ x 5″ felt scrap in red I used Poinsettia *

4′ x 5″ green felt scrap – I used Fresh Cut Grass *

4″ x 5″ black felt scrap *

4″ x 4″ Muted Pink – I used Paris Pink *

*Matching thread

White Cross Stitch or Embroidery Thread.

12″ white ric rac


4 peppermint shapes from white felt, 4 eyes from black felt, 4 cheeks from pink felt, 4 gingerbread puppet shapes from brown felt, 1 bow shape, 1 bow center and 2 swirl shapes from green felt and 1 bow shape, 1 bow center and 2 swirl shapes from red felt.


Sew swirl shapes to peppermint shapes using matching thread and a running stitch. Set aside.

Layout bow shape lengthwise and run a stitch through the center a few times. Wrap bow center around center and trim to fit, stitch bow center together. Repeat with remaining bow and set aside.

3 (1)

Set aside two of the gingerbread puppet pieces you will use these fro the back. Stitch eyes and cheeks to gingerbread with matching thread. Stitch smile in black thread and add hair with white embroidery thread it may help to mark some of the stitched areas out with chalk.

Christmas Puppets free patternSew buttons down the center of each gingerbread front by stitching through the white areas with white thread. Sew bow to front of gingerbread man puppet and ric rac to the bottom of the gingerbread girl hand puppet

diy felt puppetsPlace the backs on the puppets and stitch together using a running stitch and white embroidery thread. Add bow to gingerbread girl.

9 (1)

Happy Crafting!



Gingerbread Pattern Templates – print without margins at full size to insure it is large enough for an adult hand. boyladyStop by the shop:


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Pom Pom Ornaments

17 Nov


These are the easiest most kid friendly ornaments ever but the real magic happens when you hang them. The colorful pom poms take on a whimsical candy like effect. To make them you will only need a few items. They also make great teacher or grandparent gifts or just gift tags.


You will need:

2- 3″  circles from felt- you can cut these yourself or buy them pre-cut.

6″ string, twine or ribbon  to hang

Pom Poms the ones I used are 1/4″ 10mm

Felt Glue or Hot Glue


Tie string into a loop and glue to one circle shape.

Glue pom poms down as desired and then glue circles together. Allow to dry then hang.

Ornaments kids can make

Happy Crafting!


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