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Felt Food- Freezer Pops DIY Tutorial

26 Jun


IMG_5441We are huge felt food fans here, from jello to popcorn we’ve made a lot of fun felt foods. These colorful freezer pops might take the cake (oh yeah we’ve made felt cakes too) not only are they a summer staple, they are quick and super simple to make. Add these fun felt food popsicles to your play kitchen this summer with this easy tutorial.


You will need:

Vinyl – Clear 1/4 yard will make all 6 with plenty left over.

2″ x 7″ scrap Felt in

*Bright Green-  Key Lime Pie

*Purple – Grape

*Orange – Orange Juice

*Red – Lipstick

*Blue – Aqua

*Pink – Bubblegum

White thread


*Matching thread color


1 of each color freezer pop from felt

1 vinyl pop package for each freezer pop from vinyl.

pop1Fold freezer pop together and overcast stitch along the short end.

pop2Overcast stitch along the long side with matching thread. Stuffing as you go. Close the open short side with an overcast stitch after fully stuffing.


pop3To Create freezer pop package sew a running stitch 1/4″ from the bottom. Fold and continue running stitch along the long edge. Keep the top open. The freezer pop is package is shorter to allow the felt freezer pops to be placed in and out easily. otterpop

Felt ice pop pattern download: POP PDF



Sleeves are shorter so felt pops can be pushed in and out easily.


Happy Crafting!


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Fireworks Felt 4th of July Garland No Sew

17 Jun

4th of July felt craftsNo sew felt July 4th of July firework garland

This no sew felt July 4th of July firework garland is the perfect decor your Independence Day BBQ.

The fun felt fireworks and bottle rockets set the perfect mood for summer celebrations, best of all this garland is no sew. That’s right you can make this summer garland with a hot glue gun!

4th of july felt craft

You will need

Ric Rac – 1 yard orange one yard gold

1/4 yard Red Felt (Fire Engine Red)

1/4 yard Blue Felt (Blue Jeans)

1/4 White Felt (White)

6″ x 2″ Black Felt scrap (Black)

9 Pre- cut felt stars (optional, also included on pattern)

1.5 yards Twine or String

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Felt or tacky glue

Doll needle for threading

Firework Garland PDF Pattern

DIY felt garland pattern and tutorial no sew

Cut from Felt

3 Rocket tops (2 red, 1 blue)

3 Rocket bases (1 Red, 1 White and 1 Blue)

2 Large stripes (1 Red, 1 Blue)

3 Small stripes white felt

5 Star decorations from white felt

18 Exploding firework rectangles (6 Red, 6 White, 6 Blue)

3 Firecracker base (1 Red, 1 White and 1 Blue)

3 Wicks from back felt

9 Stars from white felt if not using the pre-cut felt star shapes

Felt crafts for summer free pattern diy garland

Rocket Style Firework

Create rocket style fireworks from felt by folding the top into a cone and gluing down.IMG_5130Cut Ric Rac into 5.5″ – 8″ lengths. Gather three strands and knot at the top. Glue to cone.Felt FireworkGlue rocket base together along long side to form a tube. Glue stripes or stars onto base.IMG_5189

DIY felt fireworkApply glue to top rim of rocket base and glue rocket top into place. Repeat with remaining rocket style fireworks, set aside.

Stop by the shop: 42th

Exploding FireworkDIY firework craft tutorial

IMG_5144Place a thin line of glue along the top of one of the exploding firework rectangles. Stack a second color rectangle on top and another line of glue. Finish with last color felt rectangle.IMG_5127Cut slits into felt rectangles, roll and glue.IMG_5327

Repeat until you have 6 pieces, set aside. You will assemble the fireworks after we thread the garland.

Stick Style Firecracker

IMG_5147Stack 3 black rectangles with felt glue between the layers allow to dry. Cut into wicks.IMG_5150Glue wick to one end and tightly roll the firecracker glue seam down with hot glue.IMG_5154Thread an extra large needle with your cord or twine. IMG_5306Knot and loop one end to hang your garland.IMG_5309Run the cord or twine through two stars as shown. Next run the needle through the top of the rocket just under where the glue is. Add star then run the needle through the back of of the firecracker sticks.IMG_5326Add another star, repeat pattern (rocket, star, firecracker, star until you get to the end when you finish with two stars.

Space out your garland to make room for the exploding fireworks before each of the stick firecrackers. (rocket, star, explosion, firecracker, star)IMG_5310Place twine between two exploding fireworks and hot glue the pieces together.

4thThese felt fourth of July motifs can be placed in any order on the garland but I made mine as -star, star, rocket, star, explosion, firecracker, star, rocket, star, explosion, firecracker, star, rocket, star, explosion, firecracker, star, star.rocket

Happy Crafting

~ Andie

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Park Treats Disney Vacation Inspired Felt Food

8 Jun

DisneylandFeltFoodCraftTake a vacation in your imagination!

Our latest instantly downloadable felt food pattern has arrived and it is pure magic!

Spend the summer dishing up fun with Park Treats, felt food toys based on your favorite theme park treats.

pineapple whip - felt food toy

Pineapple Whip DIY play food

This Disneyland inspired felt pineapple whip features a cocktail umbrella a vinyl straw and cup and a cherry!

DIY felt food popcorn

DIY felt popcorn

Whether you are re-living your favorite Disney memories, practicing for a vacation or just looking to add some magic to your play kitchen this collection of DIY felt food theme park treats is a fun and adorable way to bring home the magic!

Felt Candy Apple DIY tutorial pattern

Adorable felt mouse apple from Park Treats pattern PDF book.

* No sewing Machine Required! Felt food patterns can be made in the comfort of your favorite chair…. on a road trip… or even camping.

With this pattern you can learn to make:

Mouse Pretzel 

Mouse Ice Cream


Popcorn and Souvenir Bucket

Mouse Candy Apple

Pineapple Whip with a cherry and umbrella topper

Felt food ice cream pattern

Ice Cream Bar- felt food pattern

Step by Step, simple to follow instructions with full color pictures and detailed illustrations! Full size re-printable, re-sizable patterns ready to print directly from your home printer. Instant download.

Check out the FULL PATTERN

Felt food treats- Disneyland Inspired

Felt Food inspired by your favorite theme park treats.



Blueberry Basket – felt food pattern and tutorial

28 May

IMG_5044Nothing says summer like blueberries! So what better time for a free felt blueberry pattern? These baskets are surprisingly sturdy and thanks to the 3mm thick felt the basket could not be easier, seriously its a game changer. Best of all these felt blueberry baskets have no loose pieces for super easy clean up.

This step by step felt food tutorial will have you making an entire farmers market in no time! IMG_5047You will need:

1- 10″ x 10″ 3mm thick felt in the color of your choice Pale Beige*

2- 9″ x 12″ sheets in Wild Blueberry*

1 – 9″ x 12″ felt sheet in Forget Me Not

1- 9″ x 12″ felt sheet in Powder Blue

4″ x 4″ scrap in Sprout for leaves (optional)

Felt glue


*Matching thread


From Dark blue felt

20 of large size blueberry circles , 4 blueberry basket cut out cover

From periwinkle colored felt 

20 medium blueberry circles

From pale blue felt

20 small blueberry circles

From 3mm thick felt 

1 Blueberry basket top and 1 bottom, 4 basket sides, and 4 basket lips

Make felt blueberries

Making Felt Blueberries

The first step is making the felt blueberries.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of blueberries these felt foods are fast and easy to sew. You’ll need a strong thread, if your thread is too week to handle the gather you can use 2 strands doubled over.

When creating your X shape in the center of the circles cut small but be sure to cut completely through.

How to make a felt blueberryCut small X shapes into the two largest felt circles but not the smallest circle.

Stack circles.

Create a gathering stitch around the outside of the largest circle.

Stuff lightly

Pull tightly, run the needle through the base of the berry in varying directions to close.

Repeat with remaining berries.making felt food blueberries DIY free patternSew blue top to the thick felt blueberry box top with a running stitch and matching thread.

Stitch finished berries into place by stewing stitches through them leaving space along the edges.

Stack a few berries on top of the base of berries if desired to create depth.

Set aside


IMG_4956Using felt glue blueberry basket cut out cover to all four basket sides. You can also carefully applique stitch this on if felt glue or tacky glue isn’t available.

Connect sides along the short sided angles with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

felt blueberry crateConnect sides to bottom with an overcast stitch and matching thread.


IMG_5005Connect berry top to berry basket with an overcast stitch and thread to match the basket. Stuff before sewing closed.

IMG_5008Attach berry basket lips on short ends with matching thread and an overcast stitch. Connect all four.

IMG_5012To finish slip basket lip over berry basket and stitch through at corners to secure.


Felt Blueberry Basket Pattern:

Felt Food Blueberry Basket Pattern



Happy Crafting


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