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Crafter’s Block? Here are 5 Great Ideas For Your Felt

11 May

Crafter’s block can be a frustrating and debilitating experience for crafters of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, there are times when the ideas for what to create and for what purpose just won’t come to you.

Fortunately, there are many strategies you can use to overcome crafter’s block and get back to creating! In this list, we’ll explore some things to create and alleviate your crafter’s block and keep your crafting on track.

These fun projects could help you stay productive and creative. So if you’re struggling with crafter’s block, read on to learn how to break through and keep crafting!

1. Felt Food: Felt food projects are just the thing to inspire imaginative play and practice manners and fine motor skills too! Our Chicken Nuggies tutorial is just the thing to get the sauces flowing.

This sweet little DIY chicken nuggets play set will create 7 fun felt food chicken nuggets, a cheerfully detailed felt chicken nugget box, and delightful dipping sauce cup.

American Felt and Craft – DIY Felt Food Chicken Nuggets Playset

2. Costumes: Felt is a popular material for making costumes, especially for Halloween. It can be easily cut and sewn to create a variety of fun and unique costume designs. These little felt shoes are a cute addition to a baby costume.

Little feet are just the cutest things ever, keep those teeny tootsies toasty with some DIY felt baby booties. These hand sewn baby booties are super simple to make with the free pattern below. 

American Felt and Craft – Felt Baby Booties

3. Puppets: Felt puppets are a fun and creative way for children to play and use their imaginations. They can be easily made with simple sewing techniques and can be used for storytelling and role-playing. Imagine this fun puppet show with these little guys!

What’s more adorable than a bunny? A baby bunny obviously. These simple DIY bunnies feature removable diapers and carrot shaped bottles. 

American Felt and Craft – Baby Bunnies with Carrot Bottles

4. Pet Toys: Felt is a durable and non-toxic material that is safe for pets to play with. It can be used to make a variety of toys such as catnip mice and chew toys for dogs. Zombie Mice would make your kitties crazy!

Invite your cat to battle zombies, zombie mice that is. Cats love felt, the texture allows them to sink their teeth and claws into the fibers, which they find immensely satisfying. 

American Felt and Craft – Zombie Mouse!

5. Party Decorations: Felt is a great material for making party decorations such as banners, garlands, and photo props. It can be cut into various shapes and colors to match any party theme. Our Cotton Candy Ornaments are are a smash as birthday party decorations!

Looking to add some sweetness to your holiday? Combine your love of sugary sweet candy with Christmas cheer to create fun felt cotton candy ornaments.

American Felt and Craft – Cotton Candy Christmas Ornament DIY

What do you usually do to overcome your crafter’s block?

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