Cotton Candy Christmas Ornament DIY

22 Nov

Looking to add some sweetness to your holiday? Combine your love of sugary sweet candy with Christmas cheer to create fun felt cotton candy ornaments. These sweet felt cotton candy ornaments look great on any tree and the cones can be made in any color of pattern. Best of all they are simple enough for beginners and fast enough you can whip up a carnivals worth in no time

You will need:

3″ felt scrap for cone I used Wrapping Paper Pack

3″ x 6″ White fur felt

Felt scrap for leaves I used Sprout

Felt scrap for ribbon I used Tomato Soup

Red sequins I used Classic Red


Ribbon or cross stitch thread to hang

Pattern for felt cotton candy Christmas ornaments:


2 felt cotton candy tops from fur felt – make sure these mirror each other so they will match up with the fur sides facing out.

2 felt print bases for cotton candy

(Optional) 1 felt leaf or felt for ribbon

Sew detail to the front of your cotton candy. Choose a ribbon or leaves with sequin berries.

For the leaves simply sew the sequins over the leaves to hold.

To create the ribbon cut a thin strip of red felt and tie bow, trim ends to size and sew into place with matching thread. Set aside.

Overcast stitch the cone together with matching thread. Don’t worry about sewing over the top of the cotton candy cone you will be sewing through it to attach the cotton candy head.

Sandwich cotton candy base between both sides of cotton candy head and sew down with a running stitch and matching thread.

Sew head pieces together with an overcast stitch and white thread. Stuff before closing.

Sew a loop with black cross stitch thread to hang.

Happy Crafting!


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