25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 14 Party like it’s XVII

12 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

You know the Shtick…25 days 25 felt Christmas crafts and away we go!

The tradition of using small candles to light up the Christmas tree dates back to at least the middle of the XVIIth century.Candles were glued with melted wax to a tree branch. While I question the sanity of putting anything currently on fire onto dead or dying brush, I can certainly see the allure. (of the candles not the raging inferno that would most likely ensue)Not only are these candles a much safer option, they are also a  great project for younger kids.

You will need:

  • 1/2 sheet white  felt, cut lengthwise (post suggests glitter felt but you know my feelings on acrylic felt)
  • Wooden skewer or chopstick
  • 3″ square piece of orange and yellow felt
  • White craft or felt glue
  • Thin silver ribbon
  • Scissors
A word of warning the post is woefully short on pictures.
                                Rubber Duckie         White       Monarch Butterfly

Tutorial here: http://crafts.kaboose.com/rolled-felt-candle-ornament.html

(all photos via Kaboose)

Missed some of the 25 days and want to start from day one?


American Felt and Craft online


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