All your wool felt questions answered* Part 1

18 Aug

*Provided you have less than 5 questions about wool felt fabrics and that they are the same questions I will be answering.

I get emails nearly everyday asking some basic questions about felt fabrics. I thought I would re-post the top 5. Of course if your question isn’t here email me at and I’d be happy to help any way I can.  So here we go with…

Question 1:  

Which kind of felt fabric is best for my project? Acrylic felt, Wool Blend Felt, or 100% wool felt?

That depends on many factors however 75% of the time my answer is wool blend felt. Wool blend felt combines the beauty and durability of 100% wool felt fabric with the lower price point of an acrylic. I actually find that the wool rayon blend felts are nicer to work with in small sculpture (felt food, stuffies. plushies etc.) compared to 100% wool felt, since it moves and drapes into shape beautifully. If you follow this blog at all you probably know my feelings about Acrylic felt. In short I think it is horrible!!

For more specifics on which felt to use see the Felt Smack down where in I discuss all the ins and out and light stuff on fire too!

Still stuck? Have no fear for I have created this handy flow chart:

What kind of felt should I use

~ Andie

3 Responses to “All your wool felt questions answered* Part 1”

  1. hearsaycreations August 18, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    YES!! I love it! “Is it for your mother? Are you 5?” So funny… I’ve only worked with acrylic once, and it was miserable… horrible… worst felting experience EVER.

    i ❤ wool. you rock.


  2. Crunchy Con Mommy August 20, 2011 at 3:00 pm #

    Hilarious flow chart. Love it.

    I admit to using acrylic felt out of cheapness and because there just isn’t much color availability in the stores near me in anything other than acrylic, sadly. I’m a wimp about ordering online from new places, which is something I should really work on!

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