Turkey Rattle – DIY

14 Nov


Help the littlest member of your family enjoy the fall holiday with this adorable and easy felt turkey rattle.


You will need:

5″ x 6 Felt for Turkey I used Penny

Scraps for feathers, I used; Wine, Autumn Leaves, Mustard Seed, Orange Juice and Pastry

Scrap for eyes I used Black

Scrap For beak I used Mustard Seed,

Scrap for comb and snood (that’s totally a word) I used Wine


Rattle Insert


One Turkey front, and two turkey outlines from felt.

Two eyes from black, one beak from mustard yellow, one snood and one comb from red toned felt.  Cut feathers from desired colors.

Turkey rattle

Stitch eyes and snood to face, add beak and sew line in the center with black thread.

turkey rattle how to

Stitch the feathers down to one of the turkey outlines using matching thread and a running stitch.

sew felt turkeySew comb down and then sew down detailed turkey body. Sew up the sides of wings to highlight them using black thread.

Making a felt turkeySew detailed front to plain back piece. Overcast stitch stopping before closing to stuff and add rattle insert to felt toy.


Sew closed.


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Happy Crafting


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