Bewitching Treat bag!

21 Sep

Simple fact of life #239: if your going to trick or treat your going to need a stash for all that candy.

This simple felt bag is perfect for those new to sewing as well as the beginning tricker, or it can be filled with Halloween candy and given out to party guests.

For the more advanced treater aka: the go until the last porch light is off kid you may want to upgrade to the shopper style felt bag, this version the shopper style and 4 other image styles are available for as a downloadable PDF with detailed instructions for the smokin deal of $1.99 (offer expires 09/30/10, first 50 only please)

To make our Lil Devil treat bag you will need:

2- 9 x 12″ sheets of felt in desired bag color (3 if you aren’t using string or ribbon as a handle) (Lipstick is used here)

8″ x 8″  black felt

Scrap of felt in desired accent color (Big Apple is used here)

String or Ribbon for handle (the handles shown here are available on the PDF but you can easily make your own)

Clear tape (optional but extremely helpful, I like to use clear packing tape)

Black cross stitching thread or crochet thread

Thread to match your bag color

Contrasting thread for the bag detail (I used white)

A sewing needle/ cross stitching needle


Print out of the template

Step 1:

Before attaching string or ribbon you may want to stay stitch or fray check the bottom to prevent ribbon from fraying. Attach each ribbon to the top of each of the two sheets on the short end about 1/4″ from the edge. When you curve your handles over be sure your ribbon isn’t twisted

Step 2:

Print out templates for Devil & Treat Sack (at the end of this post)

Tape them into place using Andie’s method for small and detailed felt cutting. The Silhouette is done in black.

Repeat this process for the character’s sack using your complementary accent color

Step 3:

After all 3 pieces are cut place the bag pieces where you want them on the costumed devil and stitch into place using a running stitch and contrasting thread color. Set Aside.

Step 4:

Place your character onto one of the 9 x 12″ sheets. Appliqué your costumed mischief maker to the front of your bag (be sure that the handle stitching is not on the same side as your felt accent)  using a running stitch or a back stitch.

Step 5 :

Turn bag so that right sides face one another and the raw edges where you attached the handles are facing outward, and character is inside.

Sew a running stitch along sides and bottom of bag  with coordinating thread, leaving top with handles open. Take care that your stitches are small and close together this will help keep the littlest of candies from falling out, you can also do this step on a sewing machine if desired.

Step 6:

Turn bag so it is facing the right way out and you’re ready to trick or treat the night away!

Step 7: (Optional)

If you are using a quality wool or wool blend felt your bag will be fine as is, however if you intend to use it year after year even the best quality felt will begin to stretch.  I suggest you do a quick blanket stitch around the top (and felt handles if you chose to forgo the ribbon.) For a quick refresher on the blanket stitch please see our post on blanket stitching.

The Template:

Copyright American Felt and Craft for personal use only.

Be sure to check out the complete set including pattern for the shopper style bag and all images!

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