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Thor Inspired Viking Helmet Hat

15 Oct

DIY Thor Hat Tutorial Pattern

Just in time for Halloween and as part of our continuing commitment to turn hats into better hats we present the DIY Thor Inspired Viking helmet hat.

This retro Thor style hat couldn’t be any easier and in most cases you won’t even need to alter the hat!

Easy Thor Hat Tutorial with Felt

You will need:

2 – 9″ x 12″ sheets off white I used Fresh Linen Felt

2″ Velcro AKA Hook and Loop I used Grey

Grey knit winter hat

Thor Hat Wings Template (at the end of this post)

Begin but cutting 4 of the larger wing and 2 of the smaller wing shapes from felt.

Stack the smaller wing over one of the larger ones make sure they mirror each other.

Detachable Felt Thor Wings for Hats

Sew along rounded portion with a running stitch and matching thread.

Thor Hat Tutorial

Place hook (scratchy) side of Velcro to the remaining large wing shapes and stitch down. Your wings should be facing two different directions as shown.

Match up large pieces so that Velcro is on one side and the smaller wing on the other, stitch around with an overcast stitch.

retro thor wings template - felt

You should find that the felt wing shapes stick onto the hat without having to attach the loop (soft side) part of the velcro to the hat.


If your pieces don’t stick on simply try hat on and mark for placement.

Stitch soft side of velcro to hat where desired.

DIY Thor Hat Tutorial - Super easy!

Because one photo of me in a Thor hat is all you really need.

Because they are attached with Velcro you can remove the wings to wash or dry the hat or to use on another hat (Golden Snitch Anyone?!)

Thor Viking Hat Template


Print wings at full size

Happy Crafting

~ Andie

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Easy Felt Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

9 Nov

These adorable napkin rings are so simple and quick to make you can whip them up in less time than it takes to open a can of cranberry sauce!

You will need:

Felt in various colors  I used Gold Nugget, Sweet Potato, Raisin, and Fresh Cut Grass




a Sewing Needle.

Templates (at the end of this blog post)

Step 1:

Cut out each of your pieces in whatever felt colors you have chosen. Stack the cut felt pieces to create your flower beginning with the leaf piece, followed by the flower pieces in order from largest to smallest.

Step 2:

Place your completed flower onto the center of the flower wrap and place button in center of flower. Sew through the button holes through both the flower and leaf pieces as well as the napkin wrap. Your napkin ring is finished!

To use roll up napkin and slide the slits on either side together to create a loop around it. For added durability and a more rustic look simply run a blanket stitch along the raw edges of the ring before adding the flower detailing.

Looking for another fall felt craft? Click on the garland craft below for the terrifying tale of a woman, a bead and a fall craft gone awry, oh and instructions for the garland too!

Happy Thanksgiving from American Felt and Craft!

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