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DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments -Mo’vember mustache ornaments -Hipster Week

25 Nov

Felt Mustache Ornaments

Welcome fashionable people to Hipster Week. We’re going to kick things off with Mo’vember mustache ornaments.  Movember (a combination of the words mustache and November)  an annual, event where men grow facial hair during the month of November to raise awareness of male cancers; and associated charities. Plus who doesn’t love a little scruff?!

Hipster felt omaments

These fun felt Christmas ornaments go together very quickly and make a great kids craft project.

You will need:

TEMPLATE (at the end of this post)

8″ x 3″ – Felt for background per ‘stache

Rhett – Cilantro

Chauncy – Poppy

Baxter – White

Chuck – Granny Smith

4″ x 2″ – Felt for mustache per ‘stache

Rhett – Black

Chauncy – Chocolate 

Baxter – Grey Flannel

Chuck – Pastry

Matching Thread


6″ Ribbon for hanging per ‘stache

Felt Mustache Ornament Tutorial

Sew Mustache of choice to one side of your felt background and the ribbon to the opposite side.

Felt Christmas Ornaments Mustache

Using an overcast stitch -stitch around the outside stopping to stuff before closing.

Easy felt ornaments for Christmas Hipster Mustache

Bask in the glow of awesome manliness.

Felt mustache pattern Christmas Ornaments

Felt Yeah! It’s  Hipster Week on ‘The Blog’ join us all week and love it ironically.

11/25/13 – 12/1/13

Felt camera ornament tutorial

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