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Bed of roses, sweet little rose accent pillows

23 Jan

Felt Flower pillow tutorial - Roses

It was finally time…my daughter has been in her toddler bed for quite some time and has had the same bedding since before she was born, so if anything new bedding  was overdue. I wasn’t quite ready to move her to a larger bed but her Glenna Jean bedding I “just had to have” was worn thin. I looked everywhere for quality toddler bedding with no luck everything seemed to have a negative thread count, rough, cheap and thin. And in today’s economy I wasn’t about to spend $400 on a nice crib set.

That’s when I decided to make my own, not the fitted sheet mind you I simply bought a new crib sheet, I am not insane enough to attempt such a sewing feat, not yet anyway. The blanket was super easy I just made a large pillow case shape out of 2 yards of  fabric and filled it with batting and tied it down with cross stitch thread to prevent shifting. I then made a bed skirt out of tulle and ribbon, but something was still missing, that’s when I thought of the little felt rosettes I had been searching for an application for and made some lovely accent pillows. I am thrilled with how they turned out. You could really use these rosettes on anything but I think these little pillows are sweet and would make a lovely Valentines Day decoration or gift.

For one pillow you will need:

7 sheets felt (I used pink tutu)


Matching thread/Sewing needle

Sewing machine (ok that’s optional I guess, but making pillows can be a pain without it)

Step 1:

Cut as many small circles approx 2 inches in diameter as you can from one of your felt sheets.

Cut as many circles approx 3 inches in diameter from another  2 felt sheets

Cut as many circles approx 4 inches in diameter as you can from your 4th  and 5th felt sheet

You can free hand these they do not need to be exact.

Step 2:

Cut all circles into whirls as shown below, the less cutting you do the better your rose will look. I know it seems like the opposite would be true but too many whirls in the circle make for a very small tight rose.

Step 3:

Thread and knot your needle.

Starting from the small end roll your cut circle until you reach the fat middle piece, wrap around the outside and sew through your rose on each side to hold into place knot and begin the next one. After about two this becomes very easy and can be done while watching your favorite movie.

Step :4

Hand stitch all of your roses onto one half of your pillow leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance around the edges.

Step 5

Place your pillow pieces right sides together and sew around outer edges leaving space to stuff. Turn right side out stuff and sew closed.Felt Flowers - bed of roses felt throw pillow tutorial

Variations on the theme:

Try making a shape or a letter from the roses as I have shown on the center pillow.

pink felt rose pillows

If sewing pillows is too daunting you can always make small drawer sachet by scaling down the project and making only small roses and stuffing with potpourri.

I think this would also make a great wall hanging using your childs initial.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Felt Flower Rose throw pillows

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