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The Digby Pillow – 15 Minute Felt Beagle Pillows

4 Aug

The Digby Pillow

The Digby pillow is a felt craft with plenty of wow factor. These 15 minute faux applique pillows are a must make!

 I chose to create beagle pillows as a way to honor of our lemon beagle Digby, pronounced “DIG-BEE”. If beagles aren’t your thing you can easily customize your pillow with whatever shape or silhouette you fits your style.

All you need are 15 minutes and a few simple supplies to transform a plain or inexpensive pillow into crisp stylish custom throw pillow.

Felt pillow supplies

You will need:

 Pillow(s) of your choice

1/4 yard felt of your choice – I used white, this amount will make two beagles with plenty of leftovers.

Wool or wool blend felt works best, acrylic felt, polyester felt and eco fi will ball up over time.

Beacon’s Felt Glue

Thread coordinating or (contrasting if your the type who likes to live on the edge.)

Felter’s Friend freezer paper sheets

Iron, Scissors, Sewing Needle

Felt Beagle Pillow tutorial

Print out the your template onto freezer paper (the Digby template I used is at the bottom of this post)

Felt on freezer paper pillow tutorial

Using the beagle template line up the head and tail section and iron onto your felt using the wool setting,

For more on Felt and Freezer paper see:

DIY printed felt

Cutting small and detailed shapes from Felt 

You can also try pinning template to felt and cutting but the freezer paper makes the job much much easier.

Felt pillow

Cut away extra paper and gently peel away freezer paper you can re- use this template up to 5 times so save it.

Felt beagle pillow tutorial

Lay your applique out on the pillow(s) exactly as you want them and mark their position lightly.

Sew faux stitching to felt

 Remove your applique and thread the needle and sew a running stitch along the outside.

Because you are using felt you won’t need to worry about fraying and you can just attach the applique straight to your pillow.

However the stitching helps to create a more authentic appearance and adds a nice weight to the piece.  Be sure to only knot on the backside of your shape.

Glue down faux applique

Line up your applique with the marks you made earlier and glue down with felt glue one section at a time.

Smooth out but do not press the glue down into the fibers. Once dry the glue will hold as well as stitches.

 Allow the glue to set and you’ve got yourself a fabulous new set of throw pillows.

Please do not pin this template to pinboards.

beagle template

Beagle template

Stop By the Shop:

Online Felt Supply American Felt and Craft

Fast easy faux applique

Happy Crafting!


25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day: 10 Make yourself a merry little pillow

8 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

You know the Shtick…25 days 25 felt Christmas crafts and away we go!

Dang right it’s cute!

Even better Amy Smart’s Christmas pillow tutorial is LOW -SEW those dots are attached with glue. I think an elogated version would also make an adorable draft stopper for doors.

You will need:

  • heavy canvas fabric
  • felt for the circles
  • sharp scissors
  •  glue
  • DMC floss
  • a biggish needle for embellishing
  • batting/stuffing
  • fabric for the pillow backing
Stop by Diary of a Quilter for the full tutorial: http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2010/12/felt-circle-pillow-tutorial.html

  Limeaide              Spearmint        Four Leaf Clover       Red Rock                Lipstick

American Felt and Craft online

Missed some of the 25 days and want to start from day one?


Soft Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow Box

25 Sep
Felt tooth fairy pillow tutorial

It’s official my baby girl has wiggly front teeth. A tooth fairy pillow has long been on my list of things to make. When designing a tooth fairy pillow I knew I wanted something to make the tooth seem special, worthy of a girl who prides herself in her shiny white teeth. I also knew it needed to have easy access for exhausted tooth fairies waking up at 2 am because the plan to stay up and wait didn’t pan out.  But maybe most importantly it had to be  soft so it could be slept on.

Here’s what I came up with.

tooth fairy box tutorial

It’s heavily influenced by a Tiffany box, but rather than a bow I have given it a little set of sparkly tooth fairy wings.

tooth fairy tutorial

Inside a cushion to hold the tooth and or the loot and her initial monogrammed up top with a stitch I like to call, “geeze I hope I didn’t sew my finger into that stitch” and a shiny molar.


You will need:

3″ x 3″  Foam or 3″ x 3″ batting

1 – 9″ x 12″ felt sheet (outside color)

1- 9″ x 12″ felt sheet (inside color)

Embroidery floss (optional)

Glitter (never optional)

Scrap white felt 4″ x 4″

Felt glue

1- foot of trim

Step 1:

Cut thick batting or foam into a 3″ cube, cut 1″ slit into top.

Step 2

Cut out the wings and molar from the template provided below. Cover with a thin layer of felt glue and glitter or sparkly puff paint. Allow wings to dry for 2 hours or so before adding glitter to back of wings.

Step 3

         Cut all sides to cover cube.  (see template)

Step 4

Create fold in center of  inside top piece. Using a running stitch and matching thread sew to create a pocket in the center

 Step 5

Glue or sew tooth onto top piece, embroider initial if desired.

Step 6

Place top into foam slit and attach 3″ x 3″ sides and bottom.

felt tooth fairy pillow pocket

Attach sides to top & bottom with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

You should now have a pretty block.

felt block for tooth fairy pillow

Step 7

Cut outside pieces: (also on printable template below)

Fold box sides down 1.5″ and glue or sew down side so sides now measure 3 1/2″

Attach sides to  bottom piece to create a box the same way you did with the cushion above.

Tooth fairy pillow tutorial

Slip cushion into finished box. Add felt glue to the bottom of your tooth fairy box if desired to hold cushion in place.

Step 8

felt box top

Double the pieces for the box top either by overcast stitching along one edge to connect the pieces before assembling the top, or glue two pieces together with felt glue. Repeat with top of box.

Assemble the top with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

Step 9

Hand sew or glue trim to outside of box and top (since my trim was thick I didn’t go all the way up to make sure there were no problems with the top.)

Attach tooth fairy wings to center of your box with felt glue or a few running stitches.

tooth fairy box tutorial

Template: Fit to print on standard size printer paper, enlarge first.

tooth fairy box template

~I love the way this turned out. Here’s hoping it scores me a few bonus points with the tooth fairy!


fairy tutorial

Felt Gerbera Daisies – Lazy Daisies of Summer

2 Jun

Felt Gerbera Daisy Tutorial

By far my very favorite flower has to be the gerbera daisy, it makes no excuses for itself, there is nothing subtle or demure about them even their colors are extreme and demand attention and as Auntie Mame so famously put it, “more is more!”

felt flowers

Enjoy the best of summer with this free gerbera daisy template and tutorial. And now you can share pictures of your creations on our Facebook page!

You will need:

Felt in your choice of flower color I used our new color,  Hot Pink

Scraps of felt in a deep yellow, Gold Nugget is used here, and a pale green, I used Granny Smith.

Thread in pale green color

Flip Flops, or anything you want to accent with these whimsical flowers.

Gerbera daisy template and tutorial

Print out and enlarge this Template to the standard copy paper size.

1: Cut 2 each of templates A, B & C in your flower color choice.

2. Cut 1 of template D in deep yellow color

3. Cut 1 of template E in pale green color.

**For tips on cutting complex or small pattern pieces from felt see our blog post***

Now that the pieces are all cut stack them in order of size making sure that the petals fan out in different directions so that the finished piece looks fuller.

Step 3:

Place a small X with a running stitch through the flower, shown here in contrasting thread color for clarity. Pull threads tightly so the flower curves inward.

Step 4: You can now attach these to any project you like, to attach them to the flip flops as shown above simply attach the flowers to the toe posts as you would a button or use hot glue.

Try these on:

 A tank top

A handmade bag

Accent pillows


Lamp Shades

Headbands and hats

 Copyright American Felt and Craft for personal use only.


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