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Ugly Sweater Felt Christmas Ornaments – Hipster Week

29 Nov

Ugly Christmas Sweater Felt Ornament tutorial

Welcome back to Hipster Week – the week where we celebrate all things hipster.

Now that the Christmas sweater season is officially upon us why not relish the irony of loving something so charmingly unattractive.

Sweater Party

You will need:

3 Large sized Paper Clips

Template (at the end of this post)

8″ x 4″ white felt scrap

4″x 4″ – reddish color felt for dotted sweater Poppy

1″ x 2″ – green felt scrap Cilantro for tree

2″ x 2″ Darker green felt Fresh Cut Grass for holly leaves

Sequins in:

Classic Red

Gold Rush


Iced Berry Beads

8-10 very small jingle bells

Bend the paper clips into small hangers as shown and set aside.

Tiny Paper Clip Hangers Tutorial

Cut 4 sweater pieces from white felt and 2 from a pale red coral color like Poppy. Cut 1 tree from  light green like cilantro and 2 holly leaves from dark green felt like  Fresh Cut Grass

Ugly Sweater felt Ornaments

For jingley tree sweater attach bells with green thread place onto one of the white sweater pieces with a running stitch.

ugly sweater felt ornament  jingly tree

Place second white sweater pieces behind the first and overcast stitch around the outside, stop and slip the hanger inside before closing around the top.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments Hipster Christmas

It’s helpful to run  thread around the “hanger” to prevent any chance of it slipping down.

Holly Berry Sweater Ugly Sweater Felt Ornament Tutorial

For Christmas Corsage sweater stitch holly leaves onto one white felt sweater piece add iced berry beads in a cluster of three.

Stitch closed as above.

Christmas Confetti Ugly Sweater Party Felt Ornament Tutorial American Felt and Craft

For Christmas Confetti Sweater stitch Moss, Gold Rush and Classic Red sequins down with matching thread. You could also use Beacon felt glue for this.

Finish as you did the other two

Hipster week- Ugly Sweater Party Felt Christmas Ornaments

Ugly Sweater Felt Onament Templates

Ugly Sweater Ornament Pattern- Template

Stop by the Store:

American Felt and Craft

Join us tomorrow for more Hipster Happenings!

Hipster Week American Felt and Craft VR ornament preview


This tutorial brought to you by the letter P

9 Jun

This party tutorial brought to you by the letter P, as in Patriotic Popsicle Party!

Just throw in some hot dogs and watermelon for a practically perfect patriotic Popsicle party.

Heres what you’ll need:

6- 9″ x 12″ sheets or 1/2 yard of red felt (I used Lipstick)*

6- 9″ x 12″ sheets or 1/2 yard of blue felt (I used Indigo)*

3 – 9″ x 12″ sheets or 1/4 yard of white felt (I used White)*

1 – 9″ x 12″ sheet light tan  felt (I used Pastry)


Sewing needle

Felt Popsicle template with instructions HERE

A printer


Popsicle sticks

Felt  glue

Twine or ribbon for banner

Sewing needle

*Matching Thread

6 felt balls (I used Natural)

Card Stock (for invitations, 3 invitations to a sheet)

Woven wreath form

2 containers for table decorations (small buckets would be cute)

Sand (a small amount to fill containers)

Baggies for Popsicle favors

Ribbon, rick rack or twine for Popsicle favors

Printable labels for Popsicle favors (I used Avery 5294)

Frozen Popsicles and lots of ’em (store-bought or homemade see recipe below)

Elmer’s  or school glue (optional)

Outdoor play things like hula hoops, water guns, a sprinkler,or sidewalk chalk (store-bought or homemade in Popsicle molds if you’re a theme purist, recipe below)

Let’s get started:

First I printed out this insanely cute invite designed by Maura Huston of Blackbirdie and Pink Monster Knits onto card stock.

4th of july printable invitation free

Here’s a blank version

4th of July Popsicle party invitation printable free

Download this free printable 4th of July Popsicle party invitation it by control-clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (PC) and saving to your computer.

And while I was at it I created my stickers with another version of Maura Huston’s design:

Popsicle party sticker 4th of July

Download it by control-clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (PC) and saving to your computer

These would also make adorable cupcake toppers, simply print onto card stock and sandwich two together with a toothpick in between!

Next I constructed my decor:

felt Popsicle banner

Felt Popsicle and pin wheel banner:

To make the banner you will first need to make 2 blue popsicles, 2 red popsicles and 1 striped popsicle from felt. Instructions can be found HERE

From there I made my pinwheels from this template

Each pinwheel is 2 colors and for this banner I needed 6 so I cut 12 squares.

how to make a felt pinwheel tutorial

felt craft kids summer party

wool felt pinwheel summer craft tutorial step4wool pinwheel felt craft summer finished

——————————————————————————————————————————————————I stacked two squares together and cut through the dotted lines (but NOT through center ring), the folded the upper right hand corner (marked with a star on template) to the center and stitched down with a small running stitch. I repeated this process with the upper left corner (also marked on the template with a star) this can be done in any order but only fold down the areas marked with stars. Finish by folding the remaining points inward tacking down with a running stitch as you go.

sewing wool felt to twine

With my pinwheels and popsicles done I was ready to assemble my banner, I made a loop on either end of my twine for easier hanging and then sewed each of my pieces to the twine. Pinwheel, felt ball, popsicle (repeat) with the three color version in the center. Technically I guess you could glue them but the Popsicles have to be properly balanced to keep from flipping around and it’s much easier to gauge this by sewing.  When sewing the Popsicles to the twine I noticed that creating a bit of a V shape helped, tacking twine to center and then to both sides nearer the top.

Felt Popsicle table decorations

felt food Popsicle

For these I created 2 Popsicles in red, white and blue as described here.

felt food Popsicle decor

But rather than fitting felt sticks into the bottom I created a little more space inside the popsicle by cutting with my scissors.

wool felt craft

I then slipped real Popsicle sticks through the bottoms and applied a small amount of felt glue (tacky glue will also work) and sewed up the bottoms.

wool felt craft free tutorial summer 4

When I had finished all 6 I simply filled my containers with sand and arranged my Popsicles.

Door Wreath

4th of July wreath

I constructed my wreath by making 3 pinwheels and 3 felt Popsicles and attached them to the wreath with felt glue

(SUPER AWESOME  TIP: double stick tape will hold this puppies in place like you wouldn’t believe, making both your wreath and felt objects easy to store and 100% re-usable.


To keep with my theme I made these felt Popsicle magnets.

Popsicle party favors

I made a few brightly colored Popsicles, glued magnets to the back with felt glue, (allowed them to dry 24 hours) placed them in bags, added my stickers and tied some rick rack to the bottom to close them up.

Popsicle magnet tutorial

These look adorable on any fridge and are daily reminders of your awesome shin-dig!

If magnets aren’t you thing try attaching a key ring or for your littlest guests add a mini rattle for sweet summer baby toy.

You may also consider store-bought pinwheels Slinky brand makes an awesome American flag version.

I plan to keep my guests entertained with fun outdoor activities like:

Popsicle stick house building contest (warning men seem to find this activity irresistible and you may lose your co-host for a few hours, possibly days!) Just throw a basket full of Popsicle sticks into a basket and set out some school glue and prepare to oohh and aww.

A sprinkler run, or water gun fight (gotta get those sticky little bodies clean somehow)

Sidewalk chalk, try making it in a popsicle mold with this recipe:

Word of Warning: DO NOT let any plaster of Paris go down the sink. It will harden and ruin your pipes.

  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Plaster of Paris (available at any craft or hardware store)
  • Washable Tempera paint in the colors of your choice
  • A Popsicle mold


Grease mold with petroleum jelly.

Mix 1/2 cup of Plaster of Paris with 1/3 cup water. Mix well and slow for about 1 minute.

Immediately add 2 TBS of paint (or more for desired color) and mix well.

Spoon into molds. Tap molds gently to settle. (This will start to set very quickly so work in small batches)

Let chalk dry overnight.

eating popsicles

and of course lots of Popsicle eating!

If you decide to make your own try this DRIPLESS recipe from Kitchen Scrapbook:

Picture courtesy of Kitchen Scrapbook.


Oh and if you like Maura Huston’s work check out her website,  blog, or her knitting pattern now available at our webstore.

HAPPY SUMMER!tutorial felt wreath

Free Felt Food Pattern- Cherry Pie Tutorial Directions and Templates.

21 May

 Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie header

You can buy nearly everything you need to make your cherry pie at American Felt and Craft, your purchase keeps these patterns free.

 Click to go back to supply list

Here’s how to make your cherry pie:

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step1

Lipstick felt – Cut 1 8 inch round. And set it aside.

Toffee- cut  8  1″ strips lengthwise (12″ long) using pinking shears.

Cut 6 wedges from Toffee colored felt (template follows)

Cut 6 Lipstick colored side pieces 1.5″ x 9″ long.

6 Toffee backs 4″ x 4.5″ long

AFC wedgeWedge Actual size

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step2

Lay 4 of the strips across your pie face as shown.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step3

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step5 free tutorial

Weave second set of strips into the first using an over under method, to create a lattice design.

Using a small dollop of felt glue join the strips together where they meet, work slowly to avoid mistakes. Use the smallest amount of glue possible,  too much glue may make your felt tough to sew through.


Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step6 free tutorial DIY

Your lattice will look like this when completed.

Trace your foam wedge shapes onto red felt.

If you aren’t using American Felt and Craft’s pre-cut foam pie wedges you can cut another 8 inch circle from paper and divide it into 6 sections and cut down the sides of the triangles but not through the center so you can trace the wedge shape but still have an intact paper circle for use in an upcoming step, as shown below or you can use the wedge template above.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step7

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step8

Mark out spots where you will place your cherriCopyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step9 DIY tutoriales, you may want to place lattice over to assist in selecting the areas you want to place the cherries, you’ll want to use about 1/2 of your cherries.

To create your cherries carefully cut all wool felt balls into halves.

Using small amount of felt glue, glue cherries into place, wait for them to dry about 15 minutes and stitch them down securely, they may be choking hazard for small children so you want them to be extremely secure. Repeat this process with the 6 side pieces.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step16

Visit our store!

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step10 Felt food DIY

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step11
Trace 8 inch circle onto lattice then cut into wedges, template below. Your pie top can be used to trace the circle if needed.

Cut pie top into wedges

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step13

Sew lattice wedges to pie top wedges, you can also use glue for this but use carefully you don’t want any dried glue on pie slices.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step15

Place lattice/cherry piece on top of foam form, place 1 toffee colored bottom below wedge and wrap side piece around as shown, pin into place.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step17

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step18

 Sew top and bottom to sides using a whip or overcast stitch, back open.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step21

Whip stitch around back bottom and back sides. Then stitch through back and into pie top and out again using a running stitch to secure top lattice piece.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step22

When you’re done you’re pie slice should look something like this:

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step20

Now fold raw end in towards pie and using a running stitch stich down.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step24

 Using a long whip or overcast stitch sew along top pulling tightly to form crust ridges. Use tan thread the red thread is for demo purposes only.

Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step25

  Copyright American Felt and Craft cherry pie step26

 American Felt and Craft Cherry Pie Tutorial - Felt Food

 I hope you enjoy your new felt pie.

Pattern for personal use only please.

Free Felt Cherry Pie tutorial and pattern


Your Felt Food Superstore!

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