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A Collection of our Free Felt Food Patterns and Tutorials

20 Jan

Every Free DIY felt food pattern from American Felt and Craft all in one place.

This time of year I see a huge uptick in blog readers looking for felt food patterns. I suspect it has something to do with all those little kitchens Santa brought. In an effort to supply your chef with the widest choice of ingredients I present all of American Felt and Craft’s free felt food tutorials in one place. Just click on an image to see the free tutorial for DIY play felt food.

Free Tutorial for a cut apart carrot

Cut apart felt Carrot tutorial

Simple carrot made in sections secured with hook and loop for an added dimension to your felt food crafting.

Felt Saltine Crackers Tutorial

Felt Food Crackers Tutorial

My personal favorite free felt food blog tutorial  is ‘Salty Crackers’ patterned after the classic Saltine Cracker – they are just on the fun side of quirky.

free felt cherry pie tutorial

Felt Cherry Pie Tutorial

A free felt cherry pie tutorial in six fun slices. Also looks great under a decorative cake dome.

Easy Felt Food Petits Four (Tea party cake) tutorial and pattern.

Felt Petit Fours Tea Party Cakes Tutorial

Tiny tea cakes make a wonderful and simple addition to your felt food crafts.

Felt Jelly Beans Tutorial

Felt Jelly Bean Tutorial

Try your hand at wet felting with this felt jelly bean tutorial.

DIY mini felt pumpkin felt food tutorial

Mini Felt Pumpkins Tutorial

A fun felt food pumpkin pattern and tutorial –  a must for any felt foodies farmers market.

Easy Felt Food Cookies tutorial decorated

Felt rolled cigarette cookie tutorial

A simple no sew felt cookie for your cookie jar.

felt food chocolate cookie tutorial

Felt Chocolate Chip Cookie Tutorial

The classic reins supreme these sweet felt cookies are made in minutes with our easy felt food tutorial.

Free felt food tutorial popsicles

Felt Popsicle Tutorial

Beat the heat with a sweet treat – our free felt Popsicle pattern will walk you through making them step by step.

Free Felt Fortune Cookies pattern, template and tutorial

Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial

Add this felt fortune cookie pattern to your crafting  menu and the future looks full of fun!

felt food candy cane header

Felt Candy Cane Tutorial

As Christmas tree decor or just a seasonal treat these felt candy canes are easy to make with our detailed DIY.

Felt and button sweetheart box

Felt Sweethearts Valentines Candy Box Tutorial

 This adorable felt and button  sweetheart stuffie is a fun felt Valentines day craft that doubles as the perfect V-day gift for the older felt foodie.

DIY Felt Cauliflower tutorial American Felt and Craft - Veggies

Eat your veggies. Felt Cauliflower Food Tutorial

DIY Felt Cauliflower and Broccoli Felt Food Veggies

Felt Broccoli tutorial - American Felt and Craft - felt food vegitables

Looking for something a little sweeter? Try some Felt Food Cake Pops

Felt Cakes Tutorials

Cake Pops

Felt Food- Crab ragoon, spring rolls, edamame

Felt appetizers; spring rolls, edamame, crab rangoon

felt empanadas

Fruit Empanadas



Felt Ice Cream Cones- DIY

Felt Avocado

Felt Avocado Pattern



DIY Italian Meal

felt food pattern - free tutorial - Lemon Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie


Sardines, Pickles, Oatmeal?

What fun or unusual felt food are you dying to learn to make?

Leave me a comment and who knows maybe you’ll see the tutorial on ‘The Blog’  soon.

And in case you need some advice on making felt food why not check out our Felt Food 101 series.

felt food how to fall veggies

Also check out our felt food kits with nearly everything you need to make amazingly realistic felt food –  as seen on Zulily!

Felt Food Kits and Samples 2

Get to crafting in minutes with our instantly downloadable felt food PDF patterns

Felt Food PDF patterns from American Felt and Craft

All available online right this very second!!

Where you ask?

American Felt and Craft online felt and craft store , over 100 colors of felt by the sheet! Ships worldwide.

Happy Crafting!

~ Andie Clark

A Mystery Revealed

30 Dec

You may remember this most mysterious blog post from Dec 13th…

Well today I am so excited to show you guys the NEW American Felt and Kits and share with you the story behind them!

Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by a buyer at Zulily who was familiar with my work and asked if I would be interested in working with them to sell some of my kits.

My conversation with Zulily seemed like the perfect opportunity to revamp the kits, and add some new ones to the mix…and although my time frame was nail bitingly short I had to give it a go. After all all I needed to do was; Sew beautiful sample pieces, redesign patterns, take inventory, order supplies, literally cut THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of pieces of felt by hand, then package hundreds of kits in less than a month during the Christmas Season, while still doing all my other AFC stuff this…shouldn’t be a problem right?

My friend and graphic designer extraordinaire Maura Huston of Blackbirdie.com stepped up and gave my patterns the much-needed face lift in a matter of days. Aren’t they pretty?

And amazingly we’re still friends!! None of my type A nit-picking threw her off a bit it could be that she’s a professional or that she has built up an immunity to me and I have long since lost the ability to irritate her either way I think the patterns look great!

Meanwhile I sewed samples day and night!

(A little secret, the blueberry muffin, the Brownie Pan and all the shrimp you will see pictured on Zulily’s site this Sunday the are actually just snatched from my kids collection to save time, some of them are 3 years old.)

Then I  cut the pieces for the kit samples, printed off the sample patterns and sent everything off.

That’s when the real work began…I tried to remember to take pictures but as you might have guessed I was pretty busy.

Here are some of the thread cards, each one represents a kit.

Sorting through thousands of pages of patterns from the print company.

Empty cardboard inserts from felt bolts, which were hand cut into the correct sizes, we ended up with about 3 stacks of these!! Anyone know a great craft project for about 60 empty cardboard bolts?

Packaging hundreds of kits

There you have it!

And on Jan 1st you will have access to the new kits on Zulily at a DEEPLY discounted prices!

All 100% made in the USA!

If you’re not a member of  Zulily it’s free to join and here’s an invite: Join Zulily

I’m still getting the kits and pattern redesigns listed at the store so it may be a day or two before they are available there.

I’ll keep you guys posted!

A most mysterious blog post

13 Dec

I know I promised pics of the new pattern in the works this past week but I had a good excuse.

Forgive the pics they were snapped in a rush.

Felt Food Kits wool

But where are they going?

For now that’s all I can tell you. Stay tuned for more info soon.

 Awesome Pattern Facelifts by Maura Huston of Blackbirdie.com more on these later too!

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