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Bat Mobile!

18 Oct

I have to say out of all the projects I have made for this blog and otherwise my kids get a particularly big kick out of this one. Something about the swirling circle of bats and the irony of it being a “bat mobile” makes even the oldest kid giggle.

For this project you will need:

1/2 yard of black felt

Felt Glue

Ribbon in your choice of color(s) about 3 yards

Black ribbon about 3 yards

Jewels (optional)

Hot glue

A large embroidery hoop ( I used the 72″ and only used the side without the tightening screw)

Black glitter (I used Martha Stewart brand and found a little went a very long way)

Templates (available for free download on our webstore)

Step 1:

Cover the outside of your hoop with ribbon using hot glue.

Step 2:

Cut out 3 of each size of the bat pieces and using a foam brush cover them with a layer of felt glue. Using felt glue will not only help adhere the glitter to the bats but stiffen them as well so they hold their shape when the mobile goes up. Set bats aside to dry (this will take 3-4 hours until completely dry) Repeat with other side if desired.

Step 3:

Cut 3 lengths of ribbon in your choice of color to around 21″ each. Once the bats are dry lay them out with the larger bat upside down and lay the other two from smallest to largest. Make sure the bats are glitter side down if you only glittered one side. Using hot glue, glue ribbon to the backside of each bat.

Step 4:

(Optional) Cover the backside of each bat where the ribbon shows with a small length of ribbon.

Step 5:

Mark 3 equal spots on the inside of your hoop, attach the bats to the underside of the covered ring using hot glue making sure the glitter side faces outward.

Step 6:

Cut 2 lengths of ribbon to 34″ each. Mark 4 equal points on the inside of your hoop and hot glue the ends of each ribbon onto opposing sides.

Take care to insure that the ribbon doesn’t get twisted in this process, when you have connected both ribbons to sides, gather up ribbon ends and knot top. You should have a loop with which to hang the mobile.

Step 7:

(Optional) Cover the inside of the mobile loop with ribbon to hide where the other parts have connected.

Step 8:

(Optional) place jewels around outer perimeter using hot glue.

Hang and enjoy!

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