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Like a pie in the face

21 Apr

So here I was happily pinning my heart out when I ran across this:

Someone Stole My Pie! :(

I added the part about their mother.

That’s not only my cherry pie pattern but my actual picture which they threw their name over see:

Free Felt Cherry Pie tutorial and pattern

I added the sheep.

Very sad. I have contacted the website and asked that it be removed and I have every expectation that it will.

I think this just proves pintrest is a great use of time! Yeah Pintrest!

Incedientally if you’d like the full FREE but not to steal pictures of and resell on foreign websites cherry pie pattern you can find it here:

I’m a nice person who just wants to know how to make a felt pie. 

If you want to help me vaildate my exessive use of pintrest by following me you can do that here:

I’m a nice person who loves felt.

Happy Crafting


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