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Welcome Spring!

2 Mar

Welcome Spring!


We may be a bit biased around here but spring is our favorite color season. Who doesn’t love a good lilac, an understated pink or a dusty blue? Join us all March long while we celebrate spring with tutorials, inspiration, kits, crafts and color displays all influenced by our love of spring! Here are a few of our favorite floral shades to get you in the spirit.


Orchid is a mauvey pink shaded felt

Here: http://www.feltandcraft.com/orchid/

Fresh Cut Grass

Lush green grassy hues combine for a nearly perfect green felt.

Here: http://www.feltandcraft.com/fresh-cut-grass/


A rich deep blue purple felt

Here: http://www.feltandcraft.com/iris/

Sweet Pea

Somewhere between purple and pink you’ll find sweet pea.

Here: http://www.feltandcraft.com/sweet-pea/

Forget Me Not

A lovely periwinkle blue toned wool blend felt.

Here: http://www.feltandcraft.com/forget-me-not/

Monarch Butterfly

A bold and vibrant orange felt.



Sprout is a vibrant green wool blend felt

Here: http://www.feltandcraft.com/new-sprout/

Happy Spring!



Felt Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

7 Nov

felt hydrangea flowers how to felt flower template

A few months ago I was asked to make a felt bridal set, my would be client a family friend, was hoping for a felt hydrangea bouquet with pearl accents. As much as I relished the challenge I had to decline, my plate was already WAY too full. I promised to toy around with felt (like I need an excuse for that) and put together some bouquet instructions in case she decided to go DIY and it only made sense to share it with you all…in November?! Ok well better late than never, so Lisa here is the hydrangea bouquet you asked me for so many months ago and I hope you love it.

Lisa's Instructions for felt flower hydrangea flower bouquet.

For the bridal bouquet you will need:

1 pkg of pearl beads – Mine contained 700+ and was around $4. Quality is not a huge consideration since they will just be accents.

You could also use any bead, button, sequins, or even tiny jingle bells.

1 pkg  thin flexible wire – 1 pkg should more than suffice unless you’re making more than one bouquet or a larger version. Jewelry or floral wire is fine but you want to be able to cut through it easily. Cut wire into 8″ lengths.

1/2 yard or 6 –  9″ x 12″ sheets main felt bouquet color – I used Forget Me Not)

Because we need the felt to wrinkle and hold shape acrylic felt will not work.

1/8 yard or 2 – 9″ x 12″  sheets accent felt bouquet color – (I used Ice)

Duct tape

Hot glue gun and amo – aka hot glue sticks

1 and a half yards satin ribbon for bridal bouquet wrap.

Nail File

White Acrylic Paint – Optional 

Step 1:

Cut all felt colors into 2 inch squares, this can be done in 5-10 minutes using a guillotine chopper. You don’t need a felt flower template for this a little bigger or smaller won’t make any real difference.

felt flower template

Step 2:

Cut each square down the corners toward the center then cut off the corners of each square.

felt flower bouquet tutorial

Step 3:

Thread wire through 1 flower cutout near center leaving room for bead to lay in the center.

Thread pearl onto wire and come out the other side of your flower.

It’s easiest if you do this like stitching with a needle rather than bending the wire back into the flower.

thread bead through felt flowerPoke wire through flower. Back view of beaded flower. Front view of beaded flower.

Twist wire under flower head to hold in place.

felt hydrangea bouquet instructions

Gently go over the sharp ends with a nail file. Just once will be enough to dull the wire and prevent painful poking.

You can skip this step if you wear garden gloves until the entire piece is wrapped.

Place completed flowers into 3 or 4  bunches.

Felt bouquets for wedding instructions

Tape the base to make handling easier. This will be covered up so don’t worry about how it looks just  keep the sharp bottoms contained and the flowers together.

felt flower bunches taped

Step 4:

Wet felt flower boquet

Wet hydrangea flower bunches squeeze out. Roll bunches in towel and allow to dry.

Wet hydrangea flower bunches by dunking them into water and squeezing out extra moisture.

Roll bunches inside a towel and allow to dry overnight this will make them wrinkle and look more like real flowers.

Step 5:

how to make felt hydrangea flowersOnce the bunches have dried place them together and tape into place. 

Step 6:

felt bride's bouquet hydrangea flowerfelt flowers bouquet

Glue one end of ribbon to top of taped area of bouquet.
Wrap ribbon around gluing it down every inch or so.
Glue pearl beads down the front if desired.
Step 7:

Tutorial instructions for how to make felt flower boquetFluff out flowers and shape.

OPTIONAL: Paint the areas around center of a few flowers with white acrylic paint to make the flowers look more realistic.

Step 8:

Brides Hydrangea bouquet made of felt flower template.

Get Married!!

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Felt Gerbera Daisies – Lazy Daisies of Summer

2 Jun

Felt Gerbera Daisy Tutorial

By far my very favorite flower has to be the gerbera daisy, it makes no excuses for itself, there is nothing subtle or demure about them even their colors are extreme and demand attention and as Auntie Mame so famously put it, “more is more!”

felt flowers

Enjoy the best of summer with this free gerbera daisy template and tutorial. And now you can share pictures of your creations on our Facebook page!

You will need:

Felt in your choice of flower color I used our new color,  Hot Pink

Scraps of felt in a deep yellow, Gold Nugget is used here, and a pale green, I used Granny Smith.

Thread in pale green color

Flip Flops, or anything you want to accent with these whimsical flowers.

Gerbera daisy template and tutorial

Print out and enlarge this Template to the standard copy paper size.

1: Cut 2 each of templates A, B & C in your flower color choice.

2. Cut 1 of template D in deep yellow color

3. Cut 1 of template E in pale green color.

**For tips on cutting complex or small pattern pieces from felt see our blog post***

Now that the pieces are all cut stack them in order of size making sure that the petals fan out in different directions so that the finished piece looks fuller.

Step 3:

Place a small X with a running stitch through the flower, shown here in contrasting thread color for clarity. Pull threads tightly so the flower curves inward.

Step 4: You can now attach these to any project you like, to attach them to the flip flops as shown above simply attach the flowers to the toe posts as you would a button or use hot glue.

Try these on:

 A tank top

A handmade bag

Accent pillows


Lamp Shades

Headbands and hats

 Copyright American Felt and Craft for personal use only.


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