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6 Feb

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How to cut small or detailed shapes from felt or fabric.

2 Jun

Today I thought I would share a handy tip from your handy tipster!

Sometimes when making a pattern or project you will find you have to cut out a tiny shape or even more difficult – a very detailed small shape.

When cuttingĀ  small shapes pins just aren’t an optionĀ so I thought I would share a little trick I use all the time to help with this exact issue…tape.

Yes, regular old tape, doesn’t matter if it’s gift tape, packing tape or cellophane tape the only requirement is that it be see through.

Step 1: Cut around your template as much as possible to remove unused portions of your image and tape down as shown: make sure you tape over the entire image .

Step 2: Cut through the tape to cut out your shape. Step 3: Once you are done your detailed piece will magically fall. Ok maybe it’s not magic but is sure does feel like it. Viola! No tape anyplace other than your paper template which you will find is sturdier and easier to reuse if needed.


If you do a lot of felt work you may want to look into nonstick scissors to keep your blades from gumming up.

Happy Crafting!

~ Andie

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