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DIY Felt Mistletoe Headband

20 Dec

IMG_6691Collect kisses this holiday with a surprisingly stylish felt mistletoe headband. Our mistletoe headband has a decidedly vintage feel played out in a spunky modern color palate. This is a fun and chic project requires no sewing making it an easy Christmas Craft you can whip up in minutes.

The mistletoe leaves get some depth from wool blend felt put through a washer and dried, this causes the wool fibers to shrink and gives the felt some bulk and dimension. This will not work for acrylic felt and 100% wool will get much thicker and smaller than wool blend.


You will need:

1/8 yard wool blend felt in bright green I used Key Lime Pie

1″ x 21″ Red felt I used Lipstick

Fabric covered headband I like bright pink.

6 white pom poms or felt balls you can use any size but I like them around 10mm.

Hot Glue gun and glue

Felt Mistletoe Template – download HERE or see end of post.

Before you begin


Wash green felt on normal setting you can just toss it in with your normal laundry the felt will shrink while becoming thicker and fuzzier.

IMG_6554Cut mistletoe shapes from green felt and cut red felt into a 1″ x 16″ ribbon.

Glue some of the mistletoe shapes in half so the leaves curve this will keep the mistletoe leaves from laying completely flat.


Lay one of the long flat mistletoe shapes down just about an inch from the center and hot glue down. Lay curved leaf down and glue.  Place remaining mistletoe down as desired  moving down the headband so the leaves all meet at the base. Hot glue felt mistletoe into place.

Create Felt Bow

Trim 1″ felt ribbon to 18″, Cut 3″ scrap in half to make a 0.5″ x 3″ bow center.

Create bow by laying felt ribbon down as shown. Trim edges and Glue center down.


Wrap bow center around middle of bow trim to fit and hot glue down.

American Felt and Craft


Hot glue down white pom poms in sets of 3.

Hot glue felt bow to the base of the mistletoe leaves.


Happy Crafting Kissing!




DIY Letter to Santa Ornament

7 Dec


Get onto the nice list this year with an adorable letter to Santa ornament. Making these fun letters to Santa are deceptively simple thanks to an assist from a medium temp iron. The letters are also versatile, leave this flap open to create a gift tag or add a keepsake wish list or photo or just sew down the flap and hang from your Christmas tree for sweet homemade ornament you’ll cherish year after year.

You will need:

Template- Letter to Santa Pattern or see end of post

7″ x 7″ felt for letter I used White*

Embroidery thread in Red and Green

Iron (set to medium for wool blend felt)

Stamp Buttons 

Sequins; I used Holly and Retro Burst

String or cord for hanging (optional)

Sewing Needle

*Matching Thread


Cut 1 letter shape from white felt.

IMG_6317Trace out letters and postage shapes with pencil. I think the ornaments take on a more homespun look when traced out free hand and the letters are a little uneven, Let your child write “Santa” and embroider for an even more unique family heirloom.

IMG_6319Stitch postage and “Santa” from contrasting embroidery thread colors.

IMG_6324Iron side flaps, top and bottom down so they lay flat.

American Felt and Craft - hundreds of felt colors- worldwide shipping, felt supply

IMG_6326Sew stamp button and burst sequin to front taking care to not sew through the side flaps. IMG_6331Fold bottom over sides and stitch up along the side with an overcast stitch and matching thread.


Add the holly sequin detail to the end of the flap. You can leave this flap open to create a gift tag or add a keepsake wish list or sew down the flap if you prefer. IMG_6358

Stay tuned for all new Christmas DIY felt ornament patterns all December long!


Felt Letter to Santa template print at full size.


Happy Crafting!

~ Andie

Stay tuned for all new Christmas DIY felt ornament patterns all December long!


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