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Spring Supper Felt Food Pattern

10 Mar
Meet our newest arrival - Spring Supper Felt Food PDF pattern from American Felt and Craft

Meet our newest arrival – Spring Supper Felt Food PDF pattern

Meet our newest arrival, Spring Supper!

I created this felt food pattern with the goal of making it as interactive as possible.

The result is a ham that can be dressed and sliced, potatoes that can be baked, deviled eggs with removable filling, stacking jello salad, and decorative lettuce leaf accents.

This mammoth pattern also features felt steamed asparagus, hot cross buns, a coconut cake, pineapple slices and a simple but impressive felt pan pattern.

This pattern was truly a labor of love and like all proud parents I feel the need to show you a ridiculous amount of pictures.

Felt Food - Easter Ham - American Felt and Craft

This adorable little felt ham only measures  5″ x 7″ x 5.5″  to perfectly fit into play ovens and pretend kitchens.

It was based on the vintage style pineapple hams of the 1950’s.

The pint size play ham features slices attached with hook and loop for a fun slicing action.

Spring Supper Felt Food Pattern - American Felt and Craft

Pull up a chair and grab a plate.

The felt pineapple slices are attached with colored hook and loop and come off with ease for hours of culinary play.

The scalloped potatoes and asparagus are perfectly portioned for sharing!

Ham with pineapple - Spring Supper Pattern American Felt and Craft

Felt deviled eggs- American Felt and Craft

Deviled eggs with removable fillings make the perfect pre-dinner appetizer.

felt scalloped potatoes in a pan - Felt Pattern

Don’t forget the veggies!

Felt Scalloped Potatoes.

Felt Asparagus and Pan  Pattern

Felt asparagus nestled into a felt pan makes a healthy and fun felt side dish.

Felt Jello Pattern and Tutorial

Felt Jello Tutorial Pattern – Spring Supper – American Felt and Craft

Of course my absolute favorite part of this tutorial e-book is the felt jello salad.

Felt Jello has been on my sewing bucket list for quite some time and I went through at least a dozen prototypes before I was happy but I think it was all worth it.

The felt food jello pieces all stack and can be made from any color of the rainbow.

Spring Supper Felt Food Pattern

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Happy Crafting


Felt Friday – Easter Eye Candy

15 Mar

One of the best things about Easter time is all the amazing colors!

Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July and Valentines Day all have 2 – maybe 3 colors associated with them. But not Easter- it throws the entire color palette at you.Blues, pinks, purples and greens – everywhere you look color pops out to remind you warmer days have arrived.  

Easter Candy is a great example of this  – no other holiday could present a sweeter palette. This felt Friday celebrate your spring sweet tooth with Easter candy inspired felt palettes.

Mellocreme inspired Spring Felt Colors

Spring Felt Colors






Easter Felt Palette - American Felt and Craft carries over 100 colors!

Pastel Bunny Corn Colors

Granny Smith


Banana Cream Pie



Pink Tutu



Felt color pallet -  Gummy Candy  - American Felt and Craft Felt Supply

Gummy Bunny Felt Shades

Gummy Bunny Shades


Rubber Duckie

Monarch Butterfly


Four Leaf Clover

Candy Colored Felt From American Felt and Craft.

Jelly Bean Felt Colors

Jelly Bean Tones



Banana Cream Pie


Big Apple

Monarch Butterfly


Sunnyside Shades - Candy Egg Shades from American Felt and Craft

Sunnyside Felt Shades

Sunnyside Shades

Orange Juice


Peep Palette

The Peep Tones

Peep Palatte

Lemon Meringue

Banana Cream Pie


Cadbury Felt Color Palate  American Felt and Craft

Cadbury Colors

Cadbury Colors

Four Leaf

Tomato Soup

Rubber Duckie


Chocolate Moose

Easter Felt Color palette - American Felt and Craft felt supply

Foil Wrapped Tones

Foil Wrapped Tones


Pink Tutu


Sweet Pea

Find your shade of sweet from over 100 colors at:

Color With the Whole Box - American Felt and Craft online felt store

American Felt and Craft

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5 totally worth it Felt Easter Crafts you still have time to make.

4 Apr

5 felt Easter crafts 2012

The pitter patter of bunny feet are headed our way!  And things have been known to get a little hectic before the holiday but if your still itching to get your craft on here are 5 really cool felt Easter Crafts you still have time to make.

Picture via Formal Fringe

Picture Via Formal fringe

1.  Bunny Place settings

The folks over at Formal Fringe share this insanely easy understated Bunny Place Setting. Hop on over to Formal Fringe‘s stunning blog for the full tutorial and printable templates.

Felt Lily Brooch

Picture via Wild Olive Blog

2. Handprint Lily Brooch

Yet another amazing felt craft from Mollie at Wild Olive, this little brooch would make a lovely gift this Easter.

Easy Felt Craft Easter bunny pouch Spring 2012

Picture Via Mer Mag Blog

 3. Felt Easter Bunny Pouch

This simple but charming felt bunny bag from Mer Mag  is just the thing to keep wayward jelly beans in their place and off of your carpets!

felt easter egg placemat

Picture via The Crafting Chicks

4. Felt Easter Egg Placemat

Fast, easy and super cute. The Crafting Chick’s make it easy to add a pop of color to your Easter table.

Felt Bunny Greeting Card

Picture Via Martha Stewart

5. Felt Easter Puppet Card

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get this card and not smile. Templates and instuctions can be found on Martha Stewart Living Crafts.

Well there you have it, 5 Felt Easter Craft’s you still have time for- and should you have some time left over head on over to our Pintrest Spring Felt Crafts board and see what else strikes your fancy.

Happy Easter and Happy Crafting


Jelly Beans!

30 Jan

What is it that makes Jelly Beans so exciting? It could be that every bean is a new taste sensation sure to be delicious (except of course the nasty black jelly beans and the slightly mouthwashy green ones), or their bright colors heralding in spring and warm weather days, maybe it’s because they are only available once a year. No matter what the reason I always feel a little giddy when I see them roll out the first bags of beans at my local stores.  What little felt food play store would be complete without a few boxes this Easter?

For this project you will need:

Colored roving: I used both sets in our mini packs (brights and pastels).  About 6″ of roving per bean.

Dish soap

9″ x 6″ piece of felt in color  you’d like your box, I used honeydew and matching thread

White felt scrap – 1.5″ X 3″

Thin Clear Vinyl– 3x 3 square

Cross stitch thread

Sewing and embroidery needles


Rattle insert (optional)

Templates at the end of this post.

Making the beans:

You will need to make your jelly beans and allow them to dry before the next few steps, fortunately the jelly beans dry quickly (an hour or two) and if you have some little ones around you can easily whip up a whole slew of beans in less than an hour.

To make these jelly beans you will need to wet felt them, ok breathe…don’t panic, it’s easy I swear! How easy, allow my adorable 4-year-old daughter to demonstrate:

Here is a more detailed run down.

Step 1:

Pull off the amount of roving you need from the rest (about 6″ long ). Pull into a thin strand. Starting at one end roll upwards (it may help to have slightly damp fingers) wrap around and over to create a ball shape.

Your felted piece will be approximately 50% smaller than this so you want your roving ball to be about the size of a large gum ball or quarter.

Step 2:

Once you have a reasonable facsimile of a ball shape you will need to begin the felting process. This is done by agitating and shocking your wool. If you have ever been a teenager you should be well versed in shocking and agitating. Begin by gently dunking your ball into a bowl of warm water add a small drop (almost a half a drop) of hand dish washing liquid to the top of your ball. Gently move the ball from one hand to another squishing it ever so slightly. Dunk in cool water and squish and then warm water. Lightly rub the wool so the wool catches on itself.

DO NOT roll  between your hands yet, if you do this the fibers will come apart and you will end up with a very unsightly shape.  Continue cradle and lightly squish your soon to be jelly bean from one hand to another for about 30 seconds to 1 minute better to overdo than underdo. You will need to be gentle to prevent your roving from coming apart, my daughter likes to pretend that the ball is an egg. I think that’s a good way of thinking about the level of stress you want to put on your piece at this point.

Step 3:

There! You’ve finished the hard part now to finish the jelly beans. making by rolling in between your hands moving the piece from warm to cool water to help shock the wool into place. You should begin to feel your piece firming up. While it still has some give to it roll between your palms in one direction to create more of an oval shape.

Step 4:

From here you want to manipulate into a  bean shape you can do this many different ways. Working it so that one end is thinner than the other, by thinning out the middle or by pressing a finger into the center while pulling the ends upwards. Experiment and see which method works best for you.

Lay out to dry and repeat as desired.

Making the Jelly Bean Box

Step 1:

Cut out template pieces

Cut 2 of each A, B and C from the color felt you have chosen for your box.

Cut the jelly bean shape out of only 1 of your A pieces.

Step 2:

Place your vinyl piece over the window area and stitch down using a running stitch.

Step 3:

Trace out the letters for Jelly Beans onto your white felt scrap insuring that they will fit on the front of your finished box. Using cross stitching thread and whatever style stitch you like , stitch the letters into place.

Cut around the letters to create a more fun feel.

Stitch label into place.

Step 4:

Assemble the box by adding one side piece (B) to the side of your completed front and overcast stitch up the side.

Continue with the other side piece.

Add back to the box by stitching side pieces (B) to back (A).

Stand box on it’s head and stitch the bottom piece (C) in place using the overcast stitch.

‘Before continuing you will need to decide if you plan on having an open jelly bean box or a closed one.

If you plan on using a rattle insert place, box front side down and add your jelly beans until nearly full, slip the rattle into the back so it isn’t visible and adjust jelly beans if needed. Place box right side up again and add top the same way you added the bottom.

To make an open box start attaching your top from where you want the opening to begin, stitch around until you reach the matching point on the other side. Continue your overcast stitch around the unfinished edges to create more of a polished look.  Enjoy!


Copyright American Felt and Craft for personal use only.

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