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The super easy 10 minute Cherry on Top Cupcake Hat!

3 Jan

When I spotted my daughters pink knit hat the other day I knew I had to stop everything and fancify it.

10 minutes later I had this awesome cupcake hat.

You will need:

  • 1 knit hat (the dollar section of Target’s version seen here)
  • Matching thread
  • American Felt and Craft Sprinkle beads (or beads of various color)
  • Beading or thin needle.
  • cherry, wool ball, or pom pom

The knit hat used was double thickness so I was careful to only sew through one of the thicknesses.

The trick here is to sew as few knit stitches as possible so the beads won’t be stretched with the hat.

Arrow points to tacking stitch knot

Begin by threading your beading needle and sewing a tacking stitch to 2 or 3 of the knit stitches, you can hide the knot by positioning the bead over it .

Tack down the opposite side. Since the second layer of knit takes most of the stretching the beads stay put without affecting the fit. Repeat until your happy with the look.

Tack cherry to the top by sewing through the base of the cherry and back through the bottom of the hat since the cherry is placed in the center you can go through both thickesses to help it sit upright without affecting the fit.

And there you are with an awesome hat!

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