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A Collection of our Free Felt Food Patterns and Tutorials

20 Jan

Every Free DIY felt food pattern from American Felt and Craft all in one place.

This time of year I see a huge uptick in blog readers looking for felt food patterns. I suspect it has something to do with all those little kitchens Santa brought. In an effort to supply your chef with the widest choice of ingredients I present all of American Felt and Craft’s free felt food tutorials in one place. Just click on an image to see the free tutorial for DIY play felt food.

Free Tutorial for a cut apart carrot

Cut apart felt Carrot tutorial

Simple carrot made in sections secured with hook and loop for an added dimension to your felt food crafting.

Felt Saltine Crackers Tutorial

Felt Food Crackers Tutorial

My personal favorite free felt food blog tutorial  is ‘Salty Crackers’ patterned after the classic Saltine Cracker – they are just on the fun side of quirky.

free felt cherry pie tutorial

Felt Cherry Pie Tutorial

A free felt cherry pie tutorial in six fun slices. Also looks great under a decorative cake dome.

Easy Felt Food Petits Four (Tea party cake) tutorial and pattern.

Felt Petit Fours Tea Party Cakes Tutorial

Tiny tea cakes make a wonderful and simple addition to your felt food crafts.

Felt Jelly Beans Tutorial

Felt Jelly Bean Tutorial

Try your hand at wet felting with this felt jelly bean tutorial.

DIY mini felt pumpkin felt food tutorial

Mini Felt Pumpkins Tutorial

A fun felt food pumpkin pattern and tutorial –  a must for any felt foodies farmers market.

Easy Felt Food Cookies tutorial decorated

Felt rolled cigarette cookie tutorial

A simple no sew felt cookie for your cookie jar.

felt food chocolate cookie tutorial

Felt Chocolate Chip Cookie Tutorial

The classic reins supreme these sweet felt cookies are made in minutes with our easy felt food tutorial.

Free felt food tutorial popsicles

Felt Popsicle Tutorial

Beat the heat with a sweet treat – our free felt Popsicle pattern will walk you through making them step by step.

Free Felt Fortune Cookies pattern, template and tutorial

Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial

Add this felt fortune cookie pattern to your crafting  menu and the future looks full of fun!

felt food candy cane header

Felt Candy Cane Tutorial

As Christmas tree decor or just a seasonal treat these felt candy canes are easy to make with our detailed DIY.

Felt and button sweetheart box

Felt Sweethearts Valentines Candy Box Tutorial

 This adorable felt and button  sweetheart stuffie is a fun felt Valentines day craft that doubles as the perfect V-day gift for the older felt foodie.

DIY Felt Cauliflower tutorial American Felt and Craft - Veggies

Eat your veggies. Felt Cauliflower Food Tutorial

DIY Felt Cauliflower and Broccoli Felt Food Veggies

Felt Broccoli tutorial - American Felt and Craft - felt food vegitables

Looking for something a little sweeter? Try some Felt Food Cake Pops

Felt Cakes Tutorials

Cake Pops

Felt Food- Crab ragoon, spring rolls, edamame

Felt appetizers; spring rolls, edamame, crab rangoon

felt empanadas

Fruit Empanadas



Felt Ice Cream Cones- DIY

Felt Avocado

Felt Avocado Pattern



DIY Italian Meal

felt food pattern - free tutorial - Lemon Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie


Sardines, Pickles, Oatmeal?

What fun or unusual felt food are you dying to learn to make?

Leave me a comment and who knows maybe you’ll see the tutorial on ‘The Blog’  soon.

And in case you need some advice on making felt food why not check out our Felt Food 101 series.

felt food how to fall veggies

Also check out our felt food kits with nearly everything you need to make amazingly realistic felt food –  as seen on Zulily!

Felt Food Kits and Samples 2

Get to crafting in minutes with our instantly downloadable felt food PDF patterns

Felt Food PDF patterns from American Felt and Craft

All available online right this very second!!

Where you ask?

American Felt and Craft online felt and craft store , over 100 colors of felt by the sheet! Ships worldwide.

Happy Crafting!

~ Andie Clark

Easy Felt Food Pirouette Cookies Tutorial

11 Mar


I think it’s safe to say these are the easiest felt food to make leaving plenty of time for tea partying.

No sew felt cookies with no needle and thread required.

You will need:

 1- 4″ felt square per cookie (I used Buttercream, and Camel) You can make yours larger or smaller it works with almost any size.

Felt glue


Felt Highlighter- Fresh Baked (out of stock)

Hot Fudge Glue

Glaze Glue

Sprinkle Beads

Nut Beads

Begin by cutting two corners off of the square shape.

Felt food cigarette cookie template

How to make felt food cookies tea cookies

No sew felt food cookies

Place glue on the tip of one side of the cookie (Felt glue is thick so only the tip needs to be covered)
Roll felt cookie upward towards the glued section and wrap around.

Step by step felt cigarette cookies

Felt Cigarette Cookies 3

To shade use felt highlighter in toasted before rolling up. (you can also try chalk or eyeshadow)  You only need to cover the areas that will show.

Highlighting Felt Food Cookies

See Easy!

DIY Play food cookies tea party

Feeling adventurous?

DIY play food cookies

Whip out the glue gun and Hot fudge glue.

Using Fudge Hot Glue on Felt Food.

Begin with one side, I started by “drawing” drip shapes with the glue but it actually looked better when the “chocolate” looked more dipped and even.



After glue becomes more solid and tacky press sprinkle or nut beads into glue if desired and allow to dry before starting second side of cookies.

Glue will set in about 5 minutes.

Felt play tea cookies

Easy  Felt Food Cookies tutorial decorated

Happy Crafting ~Andie

Felt food tea party


Looking for More Easy Felt Food Cookies:

felt food chocolate cookie tutorial

Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial


Happy Crafting!


American Felt and Craft online

Confucius Says: Felt Fortune Cookies are in your future!

30 Mar


This week AFC introduces our second in what we hope will be a long line of Downloadable PDF patterns, and we know your going to love it. We proudly introduceShrimp Stir Fry! Yes that’s right the very same Shrimp Stir Fry that sold out as a kit THREE times in pre-sale and was our #1 best-selling kit over the last year! We just could not keep this one in stock, take a look and I am sure you’ll see why.

We now have the pattern in a full color INSTANTLY downloadable PDF, Paper pattern(with full color photo booklet) and the ‘just enough’ felt pack, which does not contain the pattern but all the felt needed to make everything in all the right colors at a great price!

And what’s a great meal without dessert? Included with both the PDF and Pattern you will find our Felt Fortune Cookie pattern. But as loyal blog readers you’ll also get it here, plus read on to find out how you can win the PDF Shrimp Stir-Fry pattern FREE!

Supplies needed: (will make up to 4 cookies)

1/8 yard or 1 9×12 sheet cream colored felt

Scrap white felt

Black fabric marker or embroidery thread

Coordinating thread

Optional: Felt highlighter and shading kit in Fresh Baked.

Step 1:

Cut your cream felt into 2 circles for each cookie (template at bottom of post)

Cut out white scrap into fortune size if using marker you will only need 1 per cookie if embroidering your message you will need 2.

Step 2:

Write or embroider your message on white fortune; if you are embroidering it you want to add another white piece to back to hide stitches, you can either stitch or glue these pieces together.

Step 3:

Attach completed fortune to the right upper side of one of the circles as shown:

Step 4:

Place both circles together and fold two rounds together as shown and sew along rounded parts leaving bottom edges open. (trim top part so it looks even if needed)

Step 5:

Push bottom center inward and push cookie together until your happy with the look then place a stitch or two to hold. (You can also use felt glue for this but you will need a clothes pin to hold it in place until it dries.)


 Highlighting creates an amazingly realistic look here’s how using our new Felt Highlighter in Fresh Baked.

Lightly highlight entire cookie with ‘golden’ adding a bit more to edges and curves.

Follow up by highlighting where the cookie meets and a small portion of the edges in ‘toasted’

Highlighting will become permanent in 2-3 hours.

Some fortune ideas

Hug your mom

Eat your veggies

Nap in future

Lucky girl/boy


Smart cookie

Miso Cute

Now we want to hear yours!

Submit your felt fortune cookie fortune in comments below or via facebook for your chance to win a free Shrimp Stir Fry felt food pattern in PDF form. Winner will be announced March 15th! Can’t wait that long? If you win and have already bought AFC’s Shrimp Stir fry pattern you can choose an alternate prize.  So go on make a small fortune and win a great prize while you’re at it!


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