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Blob Fish Felt Ornament Pattern and Tutorial

6 Dec

Blob fish are often referred to as the worlds ugliest animal but this sad face falls under the so ugly it’s cute category if you ask me. After the year we’ve had ask yourself…isn’t there a little blob fish in all of us?

Create a so ugly it’s cute blob fish felt ornament with the free pattern and tutorial below and add a little blobby squish to your tree.

You will need:

6″ x 6″ pale pink felt ( Shell Pink ) *

2″ x 2″ scrap of darker pink for details (Amaranth Pink )*

5 – 6mm pale pink or clear sequins (Crystal)

Black embroidery thread

Thread or ribbon for hanging


2 Blob fish bodies and 2 blob fish noses from pale pink felt

1 fin, 1 tail and 1 mouth from darker pink felt

Sew fin down to one of the body pieces with a running stitch and matching thread.

Stitch black smile to blob fish mouth with a single strand of black embroidery thread. Stitch detailed mouth to the blob fish body.

Stack the two blob fish noses.

Stitch down nose with an applique stitch and matching thread. Create eyes with two french knots made from a double length of black embroidery thread.

Sew tail to blob fish front with a running stitch and matching thread. Add sequins as marked on the blob fish pattern.

Sew blob fish front to back with an overcast stitch and matching thread. Add a doubled over ribbon along the top before closing if you plan to hang with ribbon. You can also stitch a loop of embroidery thread to create a loop to hang.

Happy Craftin


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14 craft projects for felt prints.

16 Sep
Who among us hasn’t seen a felt print we couldnt live without and thrown caution to the wind only to find themselves later wondering, ” What can I make with felt prints?”

Cast your worries aside because here are 14 free projects geared toward printed felt. When crafting with felt prints you will want to consider the size of the print in order to showcase your prints properly. And when mixing prints try to match either color or scale so the pieces all come together. Read on for 14 easy free felt projects perfect for showcasing your printed felt .

  1. Bunny Hoops – the inner of these bunny hoops feature some fun spring prints, felt prints are especially fun when used for unexpected detail areas.

2. Bean Bags – Simple and striking making felt bean bags lets your favorite felt print really shine.

Felt Bean bag tutorial - super easy.

3. Play Bandages – A touch of hook and loop makes these re-useable felt bandages a fun addition to any play doctors kit. Using printed felt ups the fun factor even more.

4. Felt Heart Ornaments – These felt heart ornaments are great for any size felt print and are as simple to sew as they are cute.

5. Garland – Try using your favorite printed felt in silhouettes for the season. These bunnies feature beautiful floral prints

6. Mug Ornaments – Abstract designs take on even more dramatic role when used in these fun mug ornaments.

7. Faux Potted Plant – Use your favorite felt print to create a little plant friend. This pattern features three different succulents and can be easily sized up or down.

8. Birthday Blocks – Use your felt print to stitch up a soft gift block for a soft sweet reminder of a great celebration.

9. Sloth Stocking – Printed felt looks great when used for accents like the stocking holding this felt sloth.

10. Llama blanket – Consider customizing your llama with a printed felt blanket instead of the valentine theme.

11. Felt ball – Felt balls in various patterns would be a patchwork dream come true. Learn all the steps to make them using this free pattern.

12. Doggie Pillows – This no sew pillow project would look great in a print.

13. Tic Tac Toe Board – Here giraffe felt print takes center stage but this project could be created with an initial or symbol of any kind.

DIY Felt Giraffe Tic Tac Toe Tutorial

14. Sachet – Be greeted every morning by your favorite felt print livening up your dresser drawers, these felt drawer sachets are super simple and would look great when made with a patterned felt.

Nearly any project be accented with a printed felt. Using felt prints adds an unexpected detail to felt crafts and allows just a touch more personalization. Need more inspiration to get your creative juices flowing?

Check out our huge selection of felt prints.

DIY Felt Food Pancakes / Flapjacks

15 Sep
Pancakes, Hotcakes or flapjacks whatever you call them these breakfast champs are the stuff weekend and birthday breakfasts are made of. Now you can whip up a batch of DIY felt pancakes in practically no time with this free felt food pattern and tutorial. Our felt food pattern features three sizes of stack able hotcakes and syrup with melting butter perfect play food for any kid’s kitchen.

You will need:

For 3 flapjacks

1/4 yard pale dough color felt, Almond *

9″ x 12″ sheet pale tan felt, Peanut Butter *

9″ x 12″ sheet or scrap felt for syrup, Tree Bark

Scrap felt for butter, Buttercream * .

Felt Food Pattern

*Matching thread


2 of each size felt pancake inside from Almond felt

2 of each size pancake outside from Peanut Butter felt

1 syrup puddle from amber color

1 butter from pale yellow felt

Sew same size felt pancakes by sewing a small running stitch around the outside, leave 1″ to turn. Turn right side out and stitch together.

Stitch pancake outside to each side with an applique stitch and matching thread.

Now that you’ve made a big stack of fluffy felt flapjacks you’ll need some syrup.

Applique stitch butter to syrup.

Happy Crafting


Complete your breakfast with these fun felt food patterns:

Snack Cakes Free Felt Food Pattern

7 Sep
Free Pattern for making felt food snack cakes.

I’ll own up to the fact that the sight of these individual chocolate cakes makes me nostalgic for a noisy school cafeteria where friendships are cemented and the real power trades are made. These sweet chocolate were the king of the cafeteria!

I present to you a felt food pattern to make easy DIY snack cakes you won’t have to trade your fruit roll and chocolate milk to get.

You will need:

9″ x 12″ sheet brown felt – Chocolate *

1/2 yard white ric rac or 5″ x 5″ white felt cut to shape *

Stuffing, foam or scrap felt to fill

. *Matching thread

makes 3

For each cake cut:

2 top/bottom pieces and one side from brown felt

4″ length of ric rac

Sew ric rac to the center of cake top with white thread and a running stitch.

Sew side to front along the curve with brown thread and an overcast stitch. Tuck ric rac edges inside and sew until top is fully connected. Trim any access felt and sew short sides of side together.

Stuff until full but do not over stuff or the top will become rounded.

Sew bottom into place with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

And that’s all it takes to become king of the cafeteria.

Easily worth TWO pudding cups.

Happy Crafting


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