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DIY Felt Four Leaf Clover

12 Mar


These simple felt four leaf clover will allow you to add a touch of green to anything. Best of all these DIY felt shamrocks stitch together in minutes!


Easy felt four leaf clover3″ x 6″ Green Felt per clover, I used Fresh Cut Grass

Matching thread

Sewing Needle

Clover template (at the end of post)

Make a four leaf clover from feltSet one of the shamrock shapes aside.

Fold one of the clover leaves together, sew a few stitches to hold the fold. Felt cloverHow to make a four leaf clover from feltRepeat with all leaves. DIY felt four leaf cloverPlace the shamrock pieces together and over cast stitch around the sides to hold.

Green Felt

Happy Crafting!



How to make a four leaf clover

Pot of Gold – Felt Door Hanger

5 Feb

Pot Of Gold Door Hanger Tutorial - W/ pocket for leprechaun gold.

Irish folklore includes a rich history of the trouble making Leprechaun. Legends tell of these hardworking mischief makers storing their treasure- golden coins- in pots hidden at the end of a rainbow. This magical secret hiding place insures his pot of gold will never found – unless of course – you are very lucky!

Our felt pot of gold door hangers include a pocket to hold chocolate gold coins or other small treasures and a four leaf clover for luck!

These easy felt door hangers make a great Saint Patrick’s Day craft and and an even better Saint Patrick’s day surprise for the mischief making treasures in your life.

You will need:

8″ x 4″ – Black felt*

4″ x 4″ Gold Felt  – Egg Yolk*

2″ x 2″ scrap dark green Felt – Fresh Cut Grass*

Gold Sequins  –Goldrush

12′ – 14″ Rainbow Ribbon

*matching thread

Sewing needles, scissors.

Template (at the end of post)


1 template B from black felt and 1 from gold felt, 1 template A from black felt and 1 shamrock from green felt.

Sew shamrock onto felt piece

Sew felt shamrock onto template A and set aside.

Attach Ribbon to one side of pot

Attach ribbon to the black B  felt piece in a loop. Set aside.

Sew Sequins onto top of gold felt piece

Attach sequins to the top of the gold felt B template.

See our blog post on attaching sequins. 

Attach B pieces together

Attach both B pieces together with a running stitch. I used an overcast stitch around the top of the piece moving my needle around the sequins and a running stitch  around the ribbon.

Pot of Gold door hanger tutorial - American Felt and Craft 'The Blog'

Add A piece to front and overcast stitch around the outside leaving the top open to make a pocket.

Fill with small treasures, gold coins chocolates or gold wrapped candies and leave on the door of your

Pot of Gold - Door Hanger tutorial  - American Felt and Craft 'The Blog"

Pin us we double dog dare you!

Print at full size.

Pot of Gold Door Hangers Template Print at full size

American Felt and Craft - a unique online craft supply store.

Happy Crafting~ Andie

Don’t Get Pinched!

3 Mar

Without a doubt St. Patrick’s Day is heavily celebrated in this house, I’d love to tell you it’s because my kids appreciate their Irish heritage, or because my youngest was born on St. Patty’s day but that would be a lie.

Around here the 17th is revered for one reason – pinching!

My oldest son has made a tradition out of pinching the first person he sees not wearing green since…well since he had a brother he needed an excuse  to pinch!

To be fair he will tell you it isn’t he that does the pinching it’s the leprechauns. You see wearing green no matter how tiny the amount makes you invisible to the leprechaun’s and it’s a well-known fact leprechauns, like my eldest, love to pinch.

This a great project for using up those small scraps of felt and when glued or sewn to a barrette or pin it’s sure to keep those pesky leprechauns at bay. And if you have a little man who needs some leprechaun insurance feel free to leave off the lady bug and attach it to a pin backing.

You will need:

Scrap felt in the following colors and sizes

3″ x 6″   Fresh Cut Grass

1″ x 1.5″   Black

1″ x 1.5″ Lipstick

Black cross stitch thread

Green contrasting cross stitch thread

An embroidery needle

Hot glue gun & glue

Item you want to attach your shamrock to (hair clip, headband, barrette, shoe clip, pin backing etc…)

Step 1:

Cut out your felt pieces you will need 2 shamrock pieces and one of each of the other pieces. For tips on cutting smaller shapes see our blog post.

Step 2:

Place wings on top of your ladybug body. I liked the way mine looked when it was off-center but I won’t judge you if you decide to go the standard route.

Thread your needle with the black embroidery floss and create french knots where you would like the lady bugs spots to be, this will be enough to hold the wings to the body you will need to add a spot or two after the fact to attach ladybug to the shamrock so leave a little room or don’t and use glue instead, we’re pretty flexible around here.  Need some help with french knots…fear knot, ok forget that I made that horrible joke and just read our tips here.

Step 3:

Place your shamrock pieces together and using embroidery thread create a running stitch around the perimeter.

TIP: using coordinating but not matching green floss creates more visual interest without being too distracting but again feel free to go all matchy matchy if you like.

Step 4:

Place lady bug where you want her on the shamrock and attach by creating a few more french knots, you can also use a felt glue to hold it in place.

Step 5:

Attach your finished piece to the clip (or whatever you have chosen) with hot glue which works better with metal than the felt glue. Please note you NEVER want to use hot glue on a visible part of a felt project and use extreme caution if you go the acrylic felt route as it is plastic and WILL melt.

When creating a hair clip I like to cut a small rectangle of matching felt and place it over top the side of the clip I have just glued down,  both for the neat appearance and for added stability.


Now go find someone not wearing green and pinch away knowing you’re untouchable!

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