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Christmas Kitten Felt Ornament Pattern

18 Nov

Everyone wants a kitten for Christmas, or at least this one! This fun felt kitten ornament has a fun retro look and would look good on any cat ladies tree. Read on for the free pattern and tutorial to make this cool cat.

You will need:

5″ square of red felt – Lipstick *

5″ square of black felt – Black *

Scraps of felt in:

Blue – Aqua *

White – White *

Two shades of pink – Pink Tutu, Orchid*

Black embroidery thread

3 red sequins, Classic Red

Ribbon or cord for hanging

*Matching thread


One of each item on the PDF from the matching color shown on the felt ornament pattern.

How to make a felt cat ornament:

Stack eye and sew down along the black center with a running stitch and black thread. Place the nose and sew down with a running stitch and matching thread. Set aside.

Using your fingers curl the tongue and stitch into place on fur head. Stitch center of ear into place.

Stitch grey face to head with grey thread and a running stitch.

With white thread doubled over add a sparkle to the eye as shown.

100s of wool blend felt colors shipped straight to your door

Sew fur front to red hat with running stitch and white thread. Sew white pom pom shape down the same way.

Sew holly leaves into place before adding sequins for holly berries.

Sew hat to cat face along the fur brim with white thread and a running stitch.

For whiskers bring knotted doubled over embroidery thread through back and knot at base of cheek. Knot end of whisker and trim any extra thread.

Sew ribbon to black backing in a loop for hanging.

Sew back to face front with an over cast stitch and white thread, switching the red thread along the hat.

Happy Crafting –


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DIY Felt gift Ornament pattern

15 Nov

If the last few months have taught us anything its what the real gifts in our lives are, the people (and pets) we love. Celebrate anyone or anything with these easy felt gift ornaments.

Better than a standard Christmas card, these felt presents make a wonderful gift and with the ability to choose ribbon, felt colors and what or who you feature in your creation each DIY ornament can truly be personal to the individual.

Best of all these felt ornaments are simple to make so you can send a little bit of love to everyone on your list.

You will need:

8″ x 8″ felt scrap.

I used Lipstick, Black and White Dot, Jungle Vine, Leopard.*

3″ square clear vinyl Vinyl

12″ ribbon

*matching thread


1 front, 1 back and 1 top from felt

1 window from vinyl

Sew vinyl to gift front with a running stitch and matching thread.

Sew box top to front with matching thread and a running stitch. Fold 4″ of ribbon and sew down along the base to make a loop.

Sew front to back with running stitch and matching thread leaving the top open.

Tie remaining ribbon into a small bow and glue or stitch to the center of felt gift ornament.

Happy Crafting


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13 DIY felt stocking stuffers

12 Nov

Filling stockings takes on a special touch with handmade stocking stuffers. Whether teen, toddler or adult there’s a little something for everyone with this list of DIY felt stocking stuffers. Click on the photos for the full free tutorial and pattern for each of these DIYs perfect for stockings.

Soft light saber plush
  1. Light Sabers – with or without rattles. These light saber inspired plushies are a sweet soft gift for the Star Wars lover in your life and can easily be tucked into a stocking.
Glowing fairy jar

2. Glowing fairy jar – This charming glow in the dark fairy light is a magical addition to any stocking.

Bring our their inner poet with a quill pen.

3. Feather Pen – Bring out your loved ones inner poet with a ridiculously fancy pen. Bic bulk pack or high end fountain the choice is yours. Pair with a small journal for a literary stocking stuffer worthy of a sonnet.

A sugar skull sleep mask will block out that afternoon sun for those that don’t get up before 2.

4. Sugar skull sleep mask – The quirky sleep mask makes a fun addition to a teens stocking. Pair with a silk pillowcase for a unique and dreamy stocking.

This sweet little space baby has a home with you.

5. “Baby Yoda” inspired mascot – Imagine seeing this cute face peeking our of a stocking! Who among us hasn’t wanted to put a cute baby Yoda in our pocket, don’t just dream it do it!

Reusable play bandages sure to heal any imaginary boo boo.

6. Reusable band-aids – If you know a child who does not love band aids you may actually be raising a small adult or possibly an alien impostor. Save yourself the trouble of picking up band aide backing all year long and craft up these play bandages for the perfect DIY stocking stuffer.

Felt Ninja Tutorial Craft- great boys craft
The battle begins.

7. Ninja Stars – Prepare for a ninja battle anywhere with these fun DIY ninja throwing stars and pouch. All age groups will get a kick out of these cool DIY stocking stuffers.

Make some magic with DIY felt wands.

8. Wands– Put a spell on your holiday with plush wizard wands. No one will risk losing an eye with these soft chubby wizard (or fairy) wands. Easily customizable these wands make great DIY stocking stuffers for the whole family surely making your home the scene of countless magical duels.

Gingerbread hand puppets make for the sweetest puppet shows.

9. Gingerbread Friends – Sweet hand puppets make an adorable stocking stuffer, pair with a book about the ginger bread man just be prepared to watch endless reenactments of the famous tale.

Dress for the job you want with DIY llama ears.

10. Llama Ears – We all have a llama lover in our lives, toss a pair of these cute clip on llama ears into a stocking or pair with a funky set of knee socks for a truly Instagram worthy DIY stocking stuffer.

When all they want for Christmas is chicken nuggets.

11. Chicken Nuggets – Because why not? This fun felt food makes for a hilarious addition to a stocking for any chicken nugget fan. See also: Gummy Bears

Paging Dr. Imagination.

12. Stethoscope – Is there a budding doctor (or veterinarian) in your house? Craft up a quick DIY felt stethoscope for a stocking stuffer worthy of the playrooms number one doc!

Your emotional support sloth has arrived.

13. Pocket Sloth – There are days when we could all use a little assistance from an emotional support sloth. This DIY felt sloth not only makes a great stocking stuffer he makes a great best friend.

DIY reusable felt deer gift tag /ornament

10 Nov

DIY felt gift tag deerThis sweet felt craft project does double duty.  This Earth friendly gift tag can be re-used again and again or simply hung on your tree for a touch of woodland whimsy. The pocket on the back also allows for a quick note, cash gift or gift card.

Invite this adorable deer to become a cherished part of your families holiday memories for years to come. diy reusable felt gift tag Christmas pattern


To make a felt deer tag you will need:

7″ x 7″ Polka dot felt (Lime green)*

Scraps of felt in

Pale yellow: Buttercream

Amber: Penny


Tan: Toffee

Dark brown felt: Earth

Felt glue

Free Deer Tag PDF Pattern Deer Tag Template 

Embroidery thread in white


2 circles, 1 tag and 1 pocket from dotted felt

1 each of antlers and spots from tan felt. 

Deer body, ears and deer forehead from amber colored felt.

Eyes black felt

Nose from dark brown felt

Face from pale yellow or cream colored felt. 

Instructions for DIY deer ornament 

DIY felt gift tag

Glue antlers circles. Sew body into place with matching thread and a running stitch. Sew face slightly overlapping the antlers. 

Sew ears to face with matching thread and a running stitch, attach the forehead on top of the ears. 


DIY felt deer craft - ornament

Sew nose into place with matching thread. Sew down eyes as shown with black thread. IMG_5929Create french knots in eyes with white embroidery floss. Sew spots into place. Set aside.


Attach pocket to the front of the second felt circle with a running stitch and matching thread. 

Sew circles together with an overcast stitch,tag folded between. Use a running stitch over the tag area. 

deer felt ornament free pattern and tutorial

Happy Crafting


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