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Blob Fish Felt Ornament Pattern and Tutorial

6 Dec

Blob fish are often referred to as the worlds ugliest animal but this sad face falls under the so ugly it’s cute category if you ask me. After the year we’ve had ask yourself…isn’t there a little blob fish in all of us?

Create a so ugly it’s cute blob fish felt ornament with the free pattern and tutorial below and add a little blobby squish to your tree.

You will need:

6″ x 6″ pale pink felt ( Shell Pink ) *

2″ x 2″ scrap of darker pink for details (Amaranth Pink )*

5 – 6mm pale pink or clear sequins (Crystal)

Black embroidery thread

Thread or ribbon for hanging


2 Blob fish bodies and 2 blob fish noses from pale pink felt

1 fin, 1 tail and 1 mouth from darker pink felt

Sew fin down to one of the body pieces with a running stitch and matching thread.

Stitch black smile to blob fish mouth with a single strand of black embroidery thread. Stitch detailed mouth to the blob fish body.

Stack the two blob fish noses.

Stitch down nose with an applique stitch and matching thread. Create eyes with two french knots made from a double length of black embroidery thread.

Sew tail to blob fish front with a running stitch and matching thread. Add sequins as marked on the blob fish pattern.

Sew blob fish front to back with an overcast stitch and matching thread. Add a doubled over ribbon along the top before closing if you plan to hang with ribbon. You can also stitch a loop of embroidery thread to create a loop to hang.

Happy Craftin


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DIY Felt seashell- pattern toy & ornament

17 Jul

felt seashell pattern DIYI just adore how these sweet little seashells came out. I envisioned them as a felt seashell Christmas tree ornament but they are so cute I was soon envisioning hair accessories, an ocean themed mobile or even a soft sea side wreath.

DIY felt seashells free pattern and tutorialYou will need:


4″ x 6″ White felt scrap* White

Felt scrap or stuffing

White Sequins Snow White 

Thread in off white

Felt Seashell Pattern: shell PDF

*matching thread


2 shells, 1 base from white felt.

DIY how to felt sea shell craft pattern freeSew long stitches in off white thread along one of the shell sides as shown on the pattern. IMG_6042Sew down a few sequins.  Repeat with other shell shape if desired.

American Felt and Craft - Online Craft StoreFelt seashell- diyPlace base between the decorated pieces.stitch seashell from felt sewing diyAdd felt scrap filling or stuffing. Overcast stitch around the edges with matching white thread switching to a running stitch for the base areas.

Sew a loop onto the center of the base to hang if you are making your felt seashell into a Christmas ornament.

Felt sea shell pattern

DIY felt seashell pattern

Happy Crafting


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DIY Felt Mermaid Tail Ornament Tutorial

13 Jul


Take your tree to the bottom of the sea with sparkling mermaid tail Christmas ornaments.

These DIY felt mermaid Christmas ornaments add a touch of magic to your celebrations. Create some handcrafted love that will last a lifetime with our free step by step DIY ornament pattern and tutorial

You will need:

Sequins: I used Snow White, Dragonfly, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Peacock

6″ x 6″ Blue green felt I used Teal*

Pattern PDF (also down below)


*Matching thread


2 mermaid tails and 1 top from teal felt.

Sewing sequins to felt

The goal is to attach the sequins in rows with a stitch on either side to hold.

christmasseqFor more on sewing or gluing sequins see this post:Sequins and Felt  or check out the overview on the free PDF felt ornament pattern.


mermaid tail ornaments Add sequins in random colors in rows along one of the sides. Starting from the bottom and working up allowing the sequins to overlap.

felt sequin mermaid tail


Yup we’ve got that color, over 200 felt colors and patterns

Overcast stitch tail pieces together with matching thread. Stuff. Mermaid tail ornament Sew top to tail opening with an overcast stitch.

mermaid tail template

Sew a loop to tail where marked for hanging.

mermaid craft

Happy Crafting


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Felt Food- Freezer Pops DIY Tutorial

26 Jun


IMG_5441We are huge felt food fans here, from jello to popcorn we’ve made a lot of fun felt foods. These colorful freezer pops might take the cake (oh yeah we’ve made felt cakes too) not only are they a summer staple, they are quick and super simple to make. Add these fun felt food popsicles to your play kitchen this summer with this easy tutorial.


You will need:

Vinyl – Clear 1/4 yard will make all 6 with plenty left over.

2″ x 7″ scrap Felt in

*Bright Green-  Key Lime Pie

*Purple – Grape

*Orange – Orange Juice

*Red – Lipstick

*Blue – Aqua

*Pink – Bubblegum

White thread


*Matching thread color


1 of each color freezer pop from felt

1 vinyl pop package for each freezer pop from vinyl.

pop1Fold freezer pop together and overcast stitch along the short end.

pop2Overcast stitch along the long side with matching thread. Stuffing as you go. Close the open short side with an overcast stitch after fully stuffing.


pop3To Create freezer pop package sew a running stitch 1/4″ from the bottom. Fold and continue running stitch along the long edge. Keep the top open. The freezer pop is package is shorter to allow the felt freezer pops to be placed in and out easily. otterpop

Felt ice pop pattern download: POP PDF



Sleeves are shorter so felt pops can be pushed in and out easily.


Happy Crafting!


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