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Like a pie in the face

21 Apr

So here I was happily pinning my heart out when I ran across this:

Someone Stole My Pie! :(

I added the part about their mother.

That’s not only my cherry pie pattern but my actual picture which they threw their name over see:

Free Felt Cherry Pie tutorial and pattern

I added the sheep.

Very sad. I have contacted the website and asked that it be removed and I have every expectation that it will.

I think this just proves pintrest is a great use of time! Yeah Pintrest!

Incedientally if you’d like the full FREE but not to steal pictures of and resell on foreign websites cherry pie pattern you can find it here:

I’m a nice person who just wants to know how to make a felt pie. 

If you want to help me vaildate my exessive use of pintrest by following me you can do that here:

I’m a nice person who loves felt.

Happy Crafting


Easy Felt Food Cigarette Cookies Tutorial

11 Mar

Easy Felt Food cookie tutorial

I think it’s safe to say these are the easiest felt food to make leaving plenty of time for tea partying.

No needle and thread required.

You will need:

 1- 4″ felt square per cookie (I used Buttercream, and Caramel) You can make yours larger or smaller it works with almost any size.

Felt glue


Felt Highlighter– Fresh Baked

Hot Fudge Glue

Glaze Glue

Sprinkle Beads

Nut Beads

Begin by cutting two corners off of the square shape.

Felt food cigarette cookie template

How to make felt food cookies tea cookies

No sew felt food cookies

Place glue on the tip of one side of the cookie (Felt glue is thick so only the tip needs to be covered)

Roll felt cookie upward towards the glued section and wrap around.

Step by step felt cigarette cookies

Felt Cigarette Cookies 3

To shade use felt highlighter in toasted before rolling up. You only need to cover the areas that will show.

Highlighting Felt Food Cookies

See Easy!

DIY Play food cookies tea party

Feeling adventurous?

DIY play food cookies

Whip out the glue gun and Hot fudge glue.

Using Fudge Hot Glue on Felt Food.

Begin with one side, I started by “drawing” drip shapes with the glue but it actually looked better when the “chocolate” looked more dipped and even.

After glue becomes more solid and tacky press sprinkle or nut beads into glue if desired and allow to dry before starting second side of cookies.

Glue will set in about 5 minutes.

Felt play tea cookies

Easy  Felt Food Cookies tutorial decorated

Happy Crafting ~Andie

Felt food tea party

Looking for More Easy Felt Food Cookies:

felt food chocolate cookie tutorial

Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial


Happy Crafting!


American Felt and Craft online

25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 15 Rethinking the shatter proof bulb

13 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

You know the Shtick…25 days 25 felt Christmas crafts and away we go!

Our home hasn’t seen a glass ornament..well ever I think.

Between kids and pets we know we would be tempting fate and I’d like to leave this world with all the toes I brought into it.

 Still I can’t help but long for some beautiful handblown glass pieces. Of course when the time comes that it’s safe to start my collection I am sure that even the most intricate and beautiful piece won’t compare to the kindergarten Popsicle stick ornaments and glitter covered hand prints strung with thick red yarn.

I think these felt bulb ornaments are a reasonable compromise. Kid safe and gorgeous!

You will need (per ornament)

Tutorial here:

(all photos via Better Homes and Gardens)

Missed some of the 25 days and want to start from day one?

25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 14 Party like it’s XVII

12 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

You know the Shtick…25 days 25 felt Christmas crafts and away we go!

The tradition of using small candles to light up the Christmas tree dates back to at least the middle of the XVIIth century.Candles were glued with melted wax to a tree branch. While I question the sanity of putting anything currently on fire onto dead or dying brush, I can certainly see the allure. (of the candles not the raging inferno that would most likely ensue)Not only are these candles a much safer option, they are also a  great project for younger kids.

You will need:

  • 1/2 sheet white  felt, cut lengthwise (post suggests glitter felt but you know my feelings on acrylic felt)
  • Wooden skewer or chopstick
  • 3″ square piece of orange and yellow felt
  • White craft or felt glue
  • Thin silver ribbon
  • Scissors
A word of warning the post is woefully short on pictures.
                                Rubber Duckie         White       Monarch Butterfly

Tutorial here:

(all photos via Kaboose)

Missed some of the 25 days and want to start from day one?

American Felt and Craft online

25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 8: Felt Candy

6 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

Few things say Christmas crafting as much as felt. Felt is a perfect medium for nearly every Christmas project.

Lest you doubt this AFC will be featuring free felt Christmas crafts and templates from the blogosphere for the next 25 days .

So sharpen those scissors, break out your felt stash and craft along.

While technically not a Christmas ornament I think these felt candies would look sweet on any tree.

  • Scraps of felt in various colors
  • Polystyrene balls or wooden beads – about 3/4 inch (a balled up bit of stuffing would work well too of course I may just have an aversion to Wooden beads.)
  • Embroidery thread to match and contrast the felt you’re using
  • Scissors, needle and pins
For the full tutorial visit Kitty Ballistic’s Creations:

Until tomorrow!

 1. Big Apple  2.Hot Pink  3.Tangerine  4.Banana Cream Pie  5. Limeade  6. Peacock  7. Royal Purple

American Felt and Craft online

Felt Popsicle

8 Jun

Felt food craft free Popsicle tutorial

Nothing says summer like a Popsicle. Once you get the hang of it these felt Popsicles can be put together in no time!

Supply List:

Each 9x 12 sheet will make 2 Popsicles here I used, Rubber DuckieMonarch Butterfly, Key Lime Pie  and Lipstick

Scrap felt  2″ square per popsicle will more than suffice here I used Pastry

You will also need:

Matching thread (for each Popsicle color and stick color) cross stitching thread is fine just don’t use more than one strand or your piece may look more like frankenpop.



Template below

Begin by cutting out the templates:

Felt Popsicle tutorial template

Free felt food Popsicle tutorial


1: Cut out Popsicle template on fold, do not cut along dotted line or red and blue stripes unless you are making a three colored pop (see instructions for this below)

2: Fold over and stitch along the side using a running stitch and matching thread

3: Turn right side out and place seam in the center, stitch down middle using a running stitch and matching thread.

4:  Attach the top pieces using an overcast stitch and matching thread, you may need to trim the oval-shaped tops and bottoms to fit.

5. Stuff popsicle (you may need a pencil or chopstick to assist in this); cut a small slit in through the center of bottoms.

6: Stack stick pieces together and overcast stitch around the outside leaving 1/4″ unsewn along the top.

7. Slip stick piece in through the slit in bottom piece.

8. Fold unsewn flaps down and sew down using a running stitch and thread that matches Popsicle color.

9. Sew bottoms into place using an overcast stitch as in step 4.

To create a layered Popsicle:

free tutorial felt food

Shown here: White, Peacock, Lipstick, and Pastry

Cut along red and blue lines, cut each strip (on fold) from a different color of felt. Sew strips together with running stitch making sure the seams are facing outward for step 2 and inside for step 3,  proceed as outlined above.

felt food Epsicle Ice Pop

TIP: Our Mini Rattle inserts fit perfectly inside this felt Popsicle, simply slip one in during the stuffing process to create an adorable summertime baby rattle.

felt baby rattle tutorial

Stay tuned for next tutorial  “Patriotic Popsicle Party”, an awesome 4th of July party plan featuring print ables from our friend Maura from Blackbirdie Designs, and more felt fun than you can shake a Popsicle stick at.

banner pennant 4th of july

Jelly Beans!

30 Jan

What is it that makes Jelly Beans so exciting? It could be that every bean is a new taste sensation sure to be delicious (except of course the nasty black jelly beans and the slightly mouthwashy green ones), or their bright colors heralding in spring and warm weather days, maybe it’s because they are only available once a year. No matter what the reason I always feel a little giddy when I see them roll out the first bags of beans at my local stores.  What little felt food play store would be complete without a few boxes this Easter?

For this project you will need:

Colored roving: I used both sets in our mini packs (brights and pastels).  About 6″ of roving per bean.

Dish soap

9″ x 6″ piece of felt in color  you’d like your box, I used honeydew and matching thread

White felt scrap – 1.5″ X 3″

Thin Clear Vinyl– 3x 3 square

Cross stitch thread

Sewing and embroidery needles


Rattle insert (optional)

Templates at the end of this post.

Making the beans:

You will need to make your jelly beans and allow them to dry before the next few steps, fortunately the jelly beans dry quickly (an hour or two) and if you have some little ones around you can easily whip up a whole slew of beans in less than an hour.

To make these jelly beans you will need to wet felt them, ok breathe…don’t panic, it’s easy I swear! How easy, allow my adorable 4-year-old daughter to demonstrate:

Here is a more detailed run down.

Step 1:

Pull off the amount of roving you need from the rest (about 6″ long ). Pull into a thin strand. Starting at one end roll upwards (it may help to have slightly damp fingers) wrap around and over to create a ball shape.

Your felted piece will be approximately 50% smaller than this so you want your roving ball to be about the size of a large gum ball or quarter.

Step 2:

Once you have a reasonable facsimile of a ball shape you will need to begin the felting process. This is done by agitating and shocking your wool. If you have ever been a teenager you should be well versed in shocking and agitating. Begin by gently dunking your ball into a bowl of warm water add a small drop (almost a half a drop) of hand dish washing liquid to the top of your ball. Gently move the ball from one hand to another squishing it ever so slightly. Dunk in cool water and squish and then warm water. Lightly rub the wool so the wool catches on itself.

DO NOT roll  between your hands yet, if you do this the fibers will come apart and you will end up with a very unsightly shape.  Continue cradle and lightly squish your soon to be jelly bean from one hand to another for about 30 seconds to 1 minute better to overdo than underdo. You will need to be gentle to prevent your roving from coming apart, my daughter likes to pretend that the ball is an egg. I think that’s a good way of thinking about the level of stress you want to put on your piece at this point.

Step 3:

There! You’ve finished the hard part now to finish the jelly beans. making by rolling in between your hands moving the piece from warm to cool water to help shock the wool into place. You should begin to feel your piece firming up. While it still has some give to it roll between your palms in one direction to create more of an oval shape.

Step 4:

From here you want to manipulate into a  bean shape you can do this many different ways. Working it so that one end is thinner than the other, by thinning out the middle or by pressing a finger into the center while pulling the ends upwards. Experiment and see which method works best for you.

Lay out to dry and repeat as desired.

Making the Jelly Bean Box

Step 1:

Cut out template pieces

Cut 2 of each A, B and C from the color felt you have chosen for your box.

Cut the jelly bean shape out of only 1 of your A pieces.

Step 2:

Place your vinyl piece over the window area and stitch down using a running stitch.

Step 3:

Trace out the letters for Jelly Beans onto your white felt scrap insuring that they will fit on the front of your finished box. Using cross stitching thread and whatever style stitch you like , stitch the letters into place.

Cut around the letters to create a more fun feel.

Stitch label into place.

Step 4:

Assemble the box by adding one side piece (B) to the side of your completed front and overcast stitch up the side.

Continue with the other side piece.

Add back to the box by stitching side pieces (B) to back (A).

Stand box on it’s head and stitch the bottom piece (C) in place using the overcast stitch.

‘Before continuing you will need to decide if you plan on having an open jelly bean box or a closed one.

If you plan on using a rattle insert place, box front side down and add your jelly beans until nearly full, slip the rattle into the back so it isn’t visible and adjust jelly beans if needed. Place box right side up again and add top the same way you added the bottom.

To make an open box start attaching your top from where you want the opening to begin, stitch around until you reach the matching point on the other side. Continue your overcast stitch around the unfinished edges to create more of a polished look.  Enjoy!


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