Drama llama and her mama DIY felt ornament

4 Nov

diy llama ornament One of the best ways to create with felt is making felt Christmas ornaments.

Every year I make ornaments for friends and family that reflect aspects of their lives or personalities. This drama llama and her mama was created for a dear friend who is raising an amazing free spirited little diva. Mama llama looks serene even dealing with the antics of little llama who is dressed to impress.

I cannot encourage you enough to consider handcrafting a heirloom ornament for the people you love. Its so much more than a gift its years and years of memories and love across time and distance. Starting early is key to insuring you have time to create something special and unique for everyone you love. This llama ornament has a blank back side that can be used to add names or the year. On the chance that you or someone know someone who would love a little llama drama. I’ve shared the full DIY pattern and tutorial for these adorable felt llama ornaments below.

30You will need:

9″ x 7″ Light blue felt – Sparrow *

5″ x 7″ White fur felt*

3″ x 3″ felt scrap in Cream*, Blue – Aqua*, Pale Orange – Orange Whip*

Embroidery thread in, Coral, aqua, pink, bronze or gold for hooves, apple green, black, dark teal

1 cupped flower sequin (optional)

6″ cording or ribbon for hanging

Leather punch or hole punch for thick materials

Felt drama llama ornament pattern: Llama PDF

*Matching thread color


From pale blue felt: 2 Ovals

From white fur felt: 1 drama llama and 1 mama llama

From cream felt: 1 each of llama faces

From aqua felt: 1 neck strap, 1 medium mama blanket and 1 medium little llama blanket

From orange felt: 1 large mama blanket and 1 small little llama blanket

From pink felt: 1 small mama blanket and 1 large little llama blanket.


Sew llamas to one of the ovals as shown. Add faces from cream felt.


Place neck strap down and stitch down with pink embroidery thread in v shapes.


Stack llama blankets as shown and sew into place.


With a single strand of black thread doubled over stitch llama faces.

Add knot details along strap as shown with green thread. Add french knots along little blankets and along the neck and head of little llama. Add pink french knots along neck and small stitches around the head of the smaller llama. Repeat with teal and coral thread.





With single length of coral thread add stitches along top of strap and with a double length add french knots along mama llama blanket.

With a single strand of black thread doubled over stitch llama ears.

With bronze thread add satin stitches along hooves of llamas.

Add sequin flower if desired

18Overcast stitch the ovals together with matching thread. If you are using a weak hole punch punch the pieces separately before sewing together or sew cord to top.


Punch a hole through ornament.

26Sew around hole to hold and add a cord to hang.



Happy Crafting


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