Snack Cakes Free Felt Food Pattern

7 Sep
Free Pattern for making felt food snack cakes.

I’ll own up to the fact that the sight of these individual chocolate cakes makes me nostalgic for a noisy school cafeteria where friendships are cemented and the real power trades are made. These sweet chocolate were the king of the cafeteria!

I present to you a felt food pattern to make easy DIY snack cakes you won’t have to trade your fruit roll and chocolate milk to get.

You will need:

9″ x 12″ sheet brown felt – Chocolate *

1/2 yard white ric rac or 5″ x 5″ white felt cut to shape *

Stuffing, foam or scrap felt to fill

. *Matching thread

makes 3

For each cake cut:

2 top/bottom pieces and one side from brown felt

4″ length of ric rac

Sew ric rac to the center of cake top with white thread and a running stitch.

Sew side to front along the curve with brown thread and an overcast stitch. Tuck ric rac edges inside and sew until top is fully connected. Trim any access felt and sew short sides of side together.

Stuff until full but do not over stuff or the top will become rounded.

Sew bottom into place with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

And that’s all it takes to become king of the cafeteria.

Easily worth TWO pudding cups.

Happy Crafting


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