Spring Bunny Garland

6 Mar


I know we just did a garland but you’ll have to indulge me with this one because when I saw these gorgeous floral felt prints I knew they needed to be spring bunnies.

For this project I used English Garden and High Tea from the newest arrivals to our collection of nearly 200 felt prints. These floral prints are the highest quality felt and are totally washable. I paired these rabbit pals with some lovely cabbages for a springtime farmhouse feel.

felt florals, spring cabbage

Felt Florals! 


easy spring crafts bunny and cabbage felt

For Bunnies

1 – 9″ x 12″ floral felt sheet in High Tea

1- 9″ x 12″ floral felt sheet in English Garden

For Cabbage

2 – 9″ x 12″ pale green felt, I used Irish Cream *

Hot Glue Gun


Doll Needle – for threading

2 yards string or cord – (adjust length as needed)

* w/ matching thread


Using templates below cut 3 bunny shapes from one floral print, Flip template over before cutting 3 more rabbits from the second floral felt. This will keep your bunnies facing in different directions. Set aside.

felt cabbageFrom Irish Cream cut

4 – Cabbage Bases

16- Large Cabbage Leaves

12- Small Cabbage Leaves

IMG_0412Create the cabbage center by stitching a gathering stitch around the outside of your pre-cut circle, fill with a small amount of stuffing and pull closed. Stitch through the center a few times to hold and knot. Repeat with remaining three cabbage bases.

IMG_0436Gently pull along the rounded areas of all the leaves until the felt becomes a little distorted. This works best with wool blend felt, pulling on the fibers stretches them and thins them in areas creating a more natural look.

 Using a hot glue gun glue three small leaves around the base one at a time. The teardrop bottom should wrap around the bottom. Curl or fold leaves and glue down as desired. Try not to use too much glue because you will need to run a doll needle through this later.

Add four of the large leaves around the base and glue down.

Repeat with all 4 cabbages. If you prefer a bigger or fuller cabbage add more leaves.

IMG_0469Thread needle and bring string through the top of the rabbits and then thread through the top of a cabbage. Threading through the top insures the cabbage hang the right direction. Make sure they are facing the correct way when you thread them through.
making a garland from feltAdd a bunny of the second print, then a cabbage and so on.


cabbagerabbitgarlandSpring Bunny Garland PDF


spring felt crafts

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  1. KAREN September 19, 2020 at 1:59 am #

    Where is the High Tea for this project?

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