Playful Penguin Felt Christmas Ornament Pattern and Tutorial

27 Nov


I’ve been patiently waiting for Thanksgiving to pass to share this pattern and tutorial for these SUPER cute felt penguin Christmas ornaments. I just love how these guys turned out. If you are careful to place the feet correctly they can even stand on their own! Whip up one penguin ornament or 20, they make great gifts and the pom pom accented snow hats can be personalized with  various colors,  felt prints or embroidery.  I hope you find these felt penguins as charming as I do and they earn a spot on your Christmas sewing craft list this year.

penguin Christmas Ornament Pattern

For each penguin Christmas ornament you will need:


4″ x  6″ Black felt*

2″ x 2.5″ White felt*

3″ x 1.5″ scrap orange Felt* I used Tangerine

3″ x 3″ felt scrap for hat color felt I used Paris Pink, Grey and Aqua*

*matching thread


Ribbon 3″ or longer for hanging

Medium sized pom pom

Penguin Template (at the end of this post)


2 felt penguin bodies from black felt, 2 of each of the flippers and 2 eyes from black felt.

1 belly piece from white felt

1 beak and 2 of each of the feet from orange felt.

2 Hat shapes from felt color of choice



Sew feet together with matching thread and an overcast stitch.

Place two matching flipper pieces together and overcast stitch, stuff lightly before closing. Set pieces aside.



Place belly and stitch down eyes and beak Stitch belly down with white thread and a running stitch.


Place hat sides so they line up and stitch down. On the front side of the penguin sew line accents to cap with contrasting thread.

felt penguin ornament tutorial and pattern

Sew back to front placing ribbon between the pieces to help hang your Christmas ornament. Stuff before closing.

DIY Penguin felt ornament pattern

Sew flippers to either side at the shoulders.


Sew feet to the base, sew so that the majority of the feet extend in the front if you want your felt penguin to be able to stand on his own.

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Penguin Christmas Ornament

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