Poppy Pincushion Ring

6 Mar


DIY functional jewelry? Don’t mind if I do!

Store your sewing pins in the center as you work and not only will your supplies be out of the way and still in easy reach but this lightweight ring is so charming you may find yourself wearing it away from the crafting table too!


You will Need:

Poppy colored felt with at least 20% wool content

100% Wool Felt ball 20cm


Ring Base with Holes

Sewing Needles

Rubber Band

Template at the end of this post or you can free hand something similar


Cut out one each of the template shapes.

Stack the smaller onto the larger.


Wet the felt completely and wring out all access water so the felt is just slightly damp.

Gather the center and secure with a rubber band and allow to dry overnight.

Once the pieces are completely dry remove the rubber band.

Thread your needle and sew a quick stitch to hold the two flower pieces together, hiding the knot in between the pieces.pr3

Place the felt ball in the center of your flower create a small stitch down and through the ball working your needle to the holes in the ring. Stitch.

Go through a few times securing ring base on all sides.



After poppy is secure knot not between petal layers and get down with your bad self!



American Felt and Craft has a limited number of Poppy Pincushion Ring kits in stock to make the gathering process a lot easier. But keep in mind we are only making a very limited edition .

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