Domestic Bliss – Merry Mug Ornament Tutorial

3 Dec

Merry Mug - Felt Ornament Tutorial with sequined spoons

It’s Day 2 of Domestic Bliss Week and  while I can’t speak for everyone a warm mug of coffee is a requirement for all bliss in this house.

Create a slew of felt coffee mugs and add some warm bliss to your holiday season.

You will need:

TEMPLATE (at the end of this post)

7″ x 3″ scrap White Felt

2″ x 3″  Mug Color we used:  Granny SmithOrchid, Orange Whip and Mod Paisley

Mug contents we used: Peanut Butter and Hot Chocolate

Matching Thread

6″ Ribbon for Hanging

Sequins in:

Silver Streak

felt Christmas ornaments - Merry Mug 1297

Cut 2 mug outlines from white and 1 mug from mug color of choice and 1 mug center from Hot Chocolate or Peanut Butter colored felt.

For tips on cutting small or detailed shapes see: Cutting Detailed Shapes

or try Andie’s Method 

To cut centers from felt mark out the area to be cut out lightly in pencil and fold over to create an open space, work scissors around slowly until you have completely cut away the unwanted area.

cutting out center pieces DBWMM

Sew inner mug to outer mug with matching thread and an overcast stitch.

Step 1 felt mug ornament

Stitch all the way around the spoon cut out.

Felt Mug Ornament Tutorial Step2

Stitch mug to one of the white cut out pieces using an overcast stitch and matching thread.

Add spoon sequins to felt mug ornament

Add silver sequins to white felt of the spoon area hiding edges beneth the spoon cut out.

Ribbon on back of felt ornament

Add looped over ribbon to undecorated white piece.


Overcast stitch the two white pieces together.

Happy Crafting!


Merry Mug Felt Craft PatternStop by the shop

American Felt and Craft - hundreds of felt colors- worldwide shipping, felt supply

Merry Mugs Felt Ornament Tutorial

You are cordially invited to Domestic Bliss Week, all this week on  ‘The Blog’

Domestic Bliss Week Home inspired Ornament Tutorials from American Felt and Craft

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