25 Nov

How about some felt candy canes on the tree this year? All of the pretty with none of the sticky!

~American Felt & Craft ~ Blog

There will be a wait! You know the drill you go to a crowded mall at some point in December and there it is… the Santa line and whether it’s 9am or 9pm the line is mindbogglingly long. You can hear the other parents curse under their breath at the time of the wait and grumble when Santa needs a 10 minute break . Which is shocking only because unless you have a newborn in tow you should know Santa sitting is an all day event.

Kids whine, need to pee, need to eat, mess up their hair and inevitably want to reach out and ruin small parts of the carefully coiffed Santa land your local mall has worked so hard to put together. And at the end of it all what do you have to show for an entire day spent in line other than a bad $30 5×7 and aching feet…a candy cane of course! At least…

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