Felt Friday – Singles mixer

22 Jun

I have been slowly working my way through re-photographing every color of felt we carry from all possible angles in order to make color selection a little easier.   This week I thought I would change it up and offer you photos of our least ordered colors.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am happy to reintroduce;

This stately gent enjoys long walks in moss covered gardens… Say hello to bachelor #1 Courtyard!

Court Yard green felt

When you’re with this cheeky fellow your sure to have a barrel of fun. Say hello to Monkey

Reddish brown felt

brown red

Goldenrod: The golden child of the 70s is back and as trendy as ever.

Felt in goldenrod

Felt sheets in goldenrod

yellow brown felt sheets

He’s a real sweetheart say hello to Egg Custard:

light orange cream

pale yellow orange felt sheets

This tough guy still enjoys long walks on the beach please welcome Rocky Point:

Felt sheets in rocky point

Wool Blend felt in Rocky Point

Felt sheets in heathered taupe

 If your interested in one of our eligible bachelors or still looking for that someone special head on over to our website www.americanfeltandcraft.com

Happy Crafting


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