Felt Friday – The New Neutrals

20 Apr

When thinking of neutral colors many people have a hard time moving beyond beige. Today’s felt neutrals vary from the lively to more subtle undertones and are anything but bland. Great for felt pillows or as a unifying color in a brightly colored piece, I invite you to take a second look at the new neutrals.

Felt colors left to right: Dusty Violet, Peaches and Cream, Egg Custard, Rosy Brown, Granny Smith, Rock Moss, Garden Grove, Hay Stack, Ink, Peanut Butter, Paris Pink, Seaweed, Sparrow, Amaranth Pink, Boysenberry, Jungle Vine, Honeydew Antique pink Summer House, Grey, Mustard Seed, and Grey Flannel felt.

American felt and craft neutral felt colors

Rosy Brown, Granny Smith, Peaches and Cream, Grey, and Peanut Butter colored felt.

neutral felt colors

Top: Peaches and Cream, Egg Custard

Middle: Pastry, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal and  Haystack

Bottom: Summer House, Carmel, Rosy Brown, Toffee, and Pastry

felt, neutral colors of felt

Left to right: Grey Flannel, Mustard Seed, Grey, Carmel, rosy brown, Honeydew, Jungle Vine, Plum Crazy, Toffee, Chai, Rock Moss, Paris Pink, Peaches and Cream, Favorite Jeans, Apricot, Garden Grove, Sea Weed, Wedding ring, Hay Stack and Butterscotch.

New neutral felt in mustard and grey tones.

Wedding Ring, Autumn Leaves, Grey, Mustard Seed and Grey Flannel felt.

Felt, felt neutral felt colors

Butterscotch, Buttercream, Pastry, ToffeeCarmel, Summer House, Peanut Butter, Rosy Brown, Hay StackOatmeal.

felt sheets from American felt and Craft in neutral tones

Granny Smith, Ink, Peanut Butter, Garden Grove, Grey, Mustard Seed, Plum crazy, and Oatmeal.

Stacks of wool blend felt in neutral colors

Wool Blend Felts.

Wool blend felt from American felt and Craft in neutral shades

Wool Blend Felts.

wool blend felt in tan, taupe and beige shades

ButterscotchButtercream, PastryToffeeCarmelSummer HousePeanut Butter, Rosy BrownHay StackOatmeal.

Although I will admit the beige’s are still pretty exciting!

~Happy Crafting!


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