Felt Friday – Southwest Chic

30 Mar

After years of living in the southwest I can tell you some of the Southwest color schemes never take hold, that weird putty peachy color BLECCH. As the area becomes more metropolitan I have noticed a kind of Southwest Chic taking hold and thusly (yeah I totally just used that word for the first time ever) inspiration for this weeks Felt Friday!

Southwest Chic Felt

Big Apple, Hay Stack, Nutmeg, Sushi, and Antique White Felt

Succulent garden:

Big Apple, Hay Stack, Leather, Sushi, and Antique White

American Felt and Craft felt Friday wool felt southwest

Dusty Trail

Carmel, Big Apple, Sunshine, Autumn Leaves, Penny

Wool felt from American Felt and Craft  Southwest Chic

The New Southwest

Clockwise:  Marmalade, Chai, Slushie, Beet, Chocolate, Leather, Skating Pond, Penny, Hay Stack, Teal, Grey, Autumn Leaves, Egg Yolk, Granny Smith, Sunshine, Big Apple, Sushi, Auburn, Monarch Butterfly, Wedding Ring.

Wool felt  Southwest Botanical Garden colors

Desert Botanical Garden:

Raisin, Granny Smith, Auburn, Chai and Beet Wool felt sheets

Southern Sunset American Felt and Craft wool blend Felt

Southwest Sunset:

 Marmalade, Egg Yolk, Persimmon, Auburn, Big Apple

American Felt and Craft store ad

Looking for inspiration for upcoming Felt Fridays.

Any suggestions?

Happy Crafting



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