A brief tour of the clean half of my craft closet.

19 Mar

I find other’s crafting spaces endlessly fascinating. And since this weekend I finally got around to organizing my craft closet I thought I’d post a pic. 

The top shelf is mainly things you don’t want kids getting into in boxes; spray glue, spray paint, glitter

Each self holds felt pieces and scraps stacked by color.

I have tried putting my felt pieces into bins but scanning through the colors for a certain shade proved to be difficult and I like this method much better.

Craft Closet

Oranges, Reds, Whites

Bins for scissors, felt balls, noisemakers, and small craft paint and felt scraps in browns, and blues.

Thick 100% wool pieces, greens, blacks and greys

And large plastic bins along the bottom hold fabrics.

I am considering adding unnecessarily fancy labels to the shelves but my family already thinks I’m crazy.

To be fair the other half of it is clean it’s just not as visually stimulating so once I jazz that up a bit I’ll show it to you if you want.

 Can’t wait to get started on second side, anybody have some good ribbon organizing tips?


2 Responses to “A brief tour of the clean half of my craft closet.”

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    • AmericanFeltandCraft March 25, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

      Um…I think you seriously overestimated the kind of cleaning I was doing…all safe no need to get lawyers involved.

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