25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 19: Gingerbread Man Rattle

17 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

Unleash your inner elf this year and whip up one of these sweeter than sugar felt baby rattles. I love how he looks a little nibbled, who could resist! These easy to make felt baby rattles were created by Victoria of vixenMade.  LOVE IT!

You will need:

  • brown felt
  • scraps of red, green, white felt
  • scraps of red ribbon
  • 2 black buttons (you may want to use felt for eyes if this is for a baby, buttons can be scary)
  • black embroidery thread
  • jingle bell (you could also use any of our lead free jingle ball, baby rattle insert, or mini rattle insert)
  • pieces of a plastic bag or packaging (for crinkley paper legs*)
  • poly-fill
  • sewing supplies
Go see the rattle tutorial at Between U & Me
All Pictures via Between U & ME
Please check out our 100% Lead Free Toy Inserts
*A lot of you have asked about where you can find crinkle plastic used in baby toys. I am working on tracking down the real baby safe stuff, I’ll let you know when I find a supplier!

2 Responses to “25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 19: Gingerbread Man Rattle”

  1. Crunchy Con Mommy December 18, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Just wanted to comment if someone is actually making this for a baby, they should NOT use buttons since they are choking hazards. As someone who had a spit-uppy baby I’d also recommend against any bells/crinkle/whatever that isn’t machine washable. It was so sad to throw away lovingly given toys from well-meaning relatives that got puked on once but were uncleanable, but I’ve sure had to do it!

    • Crunchy Con Mommy December 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

      Oh I should learn to read better. You did suggest felt eyes. Good work 🙂

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