Felt tooth fairy pillow tutorial roundup.

30 Sep

Felt tooth fairy pillow tutorial roundup.

My daughter’s tooth has been lost and another wiggly one is right behind it and I somehow managed to recover from my wisdom tooth extraction without any further complications…ok one…I seemed to have formed an addiction to “Dance Moms” on Lifetime…is it my fault they had a marathon?!?

Anyway I thought what better way to celebrate (teeth not Dance Moms) than with more felt tooth fairy pillow awesomeness!  Just click on the picture to visit each site.


Felt Tooth Fairy Bag tutorial from Purl Bee

Tooth officer, tooth marshal, and frankentooth available on ETSY from mmm crafts.

Free ballerina tooth fairy felt pillow tutorial also from mmmcrafts.

Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow Magic Wand   $19 by Kata Golda

Magic Wand (Tooth Fairy Pillow) $19 by Kata Golda

Tooth Fairy Monster Because not all fairies are pink and sparkly via the long thread

Russian doll tooth fairy pillow

Matryoshka Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow tutorial from Dragon and Phoenix!

Happy crafting and don’t forget to brush!


One Response to “Felt tooth fairy pillow tutorial roundup.”

  1. Christie October 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    clever little pillow idea! I love it!

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