14 Aug

American Felt and Craft, conference of creative entrepreneurs west 2011

Felt rendition of the CCE west logo

We’re back! Did you miss us? As you might have known we were in San Francisco last weekend for the CCE West,  (Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs).  And we had such a wonderful time there we thought we’d share a little of our experience with you.

AFC CCE 2011

 The keynote speech from Jeffery Rudell was, in a word…well there are no words. He was amazing, thought-provoking, insightful and mind blowingly talented, yep I have my first real artist crush, look out Jeffery because your picture is totally going up in my locker! *sigh.

All of the instructors were knowledgable and more than happy to share their insight a few standouts for us were:

Willo  O’brien

Jenny Hart

 Lisa Congdon

The incomparable Diane Gilleland of crafty pod

Of course there were so many more check out the CCE West website if your interested in the full all star line up!

We had a great time and learned a ton! And we met some AMAZING artists and artisans:

Ingrid Browning–  This amazing jewelry maker is an artist if ever I have met one, plus she’s super fun to hang out with! Her pieces are hand carved and then hand made, cast, shaped, enchanted with magical powers or whatever.  Hey I don’t pretend to understand the process all I know is….look how pretty they are!!!!

sterling silver seaweed

Plus she’s a poet and as a former co-president of the Literature club at my high school, I can dig that (and secretly be very very jealous)!!

SOOMKA– Being a fellow felt sister, she arrived at our table, exclaiming “felt!”  It is not an exaggeration to say that she could have said ANYTHING in the entire world after that and I would still have adored her, the fact that she is quite nice, insanely talented, and knows her art in addition to having an enthusiasm for wool was icing on the cake. Check out some of her work, I guarantee it will have you rethinking the entire wet felting art form.

My gal pal Maura Huston of, Mimie Wong of Mi Spa, Lori Delisle of  Salt and Light Jewelry  

And Polly of Pollyannacowgirl Designs

~ Thank You CCE For hosting an amazing even and teaching us a thing or 12!!

One Response to “AFC at CCE”

  1. ingrid browning August 16, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    That felted CCE logo is rad!

    Your bog is so engaging and funny–you have such a great writing voice.

    And thank you for your generous description of me and my work!

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