Suddenly hand me downs seem SO much cooler!

20 Jun

It’s a well known fact that the type of child who constantly wears holes in the knees of his or her pants will most certainly have an affinity for monsters. And while it’s not fall yet and most of us are a long way from thinking about denim jeans, this post from  Nydia at The Evolution of Home is almost enough to make me go fish out a pair or two from my kids drawers just to work her monster magic!

Her super cute blog gives you the full walk through on this awesome makeover plus it’s an amazing way of using up felt scrap!

Suddenly hand me downs seem SO much cooler!

One Response to “Suddenly hand me downs seem SO much cooler!”

  1. Leftover Human June 26, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Oh man, I am TOTALLY going to do this to my daughter’s jeans. She doesn’t have any with holes in them now, but I love this so much I might just have to make some! LOL

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