Felt Popsicle

8 Jun


Felt food craft free Popsicle tutorial

Nothing says summer like a Popsicle. Once you get the hang of it these felt Popsicles can be put together in no time!

Supply List:

Each 9x 12 sheet will make 2 Popsicles here I used, Rubber Duckie, Monarch Butterfly, Key Lime Pie  and Lipstick

Scrap felt  2″ square per popsicle will more than suffice here I used Pastry

You will also need:

Matching thread (for each Popsicle color and stick color) cross stitching thread is fine just don’t use more than one strand or your piece may look more like frankenpop.



Template below

Begin by cutting out the templates:

Felt Popsicle tutorial template

Free felt food Popsicle tutorial


1: Cut out Popsicle template on fold, do not cut along dotted line or red and blue stripes unless you are making a three colored pop (see instructions for this below)

2: Fold over and stitch along the side using a running stitch and matching thread

3: Turn right side out and place seam in the center, stitch down middle using a running stitch and matching thread.

4:  Attach the top pieces using an overcast stitch and matching thread, you may need to trim the oval-shaped tops and bottoms to fit.

5. Stuff popsicle (you may need a pencil or chopstick to assist in this); cut a small slit in through the center of bottoms.

6: Stack stick pieces together and overcast stitch around the outside leaving 1/4″ unsewn along the top.

7. Slip stick piece in through the slit in bottom piece.

8. Fold unsewn flaps down and sew down using a running stitch and thread that matches Popsicle color.

9. Sew bottoms into place using an overcast stitch as in step 4.

To create a layered Popsicle:

free tutorial felt food

Shown here: White, Peacock, Lipstick, and Pastry

Cut along red and blue lines, cut each strip (on fold) from a different color of felt. Sew strips together with running stitch making sure the seams are facing outward for step 2 and inside for step 3,  proceed as outlined above.

felt food Epsicle Ice Pop

TIP: Our Mini Rattle inserts fit perfectly inside this felt Popsicle, simply slip one in during the stuffing process to create an adorable summertime baby rattle.

felt baby rattle tutorial

Stay tuned for next tutorial  “Patriotic Popsicle Party”, an awesome 4th of July party plan featuring print ables from our friend Maura from Blackbirdie Designs, and more felt fun than you can shake a Popsicle stick at.

banner pennant 4th of july

3 Responses to “Felt Popsicle”

  1. Maman A Droit June 13, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    This is adorable! I love it!


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