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Hurray Hurray it’s Pattern Day!

29 May

American Felt and Craft Pattern, Strawberry Festival

I LOVE pattern day! It’s like sending your baby off into the world but like your genius baby, like the best parts of you…who you wouldn’t really miss cause you were so proud of them….but you push them out into the world and wait to see how they are received…errr ok scrap the metaphor I think you catch my drift. Plus it marks the time I move from strawberries to….well you just wait and see, this next one is a doozy and something I have been asked to make a time or two!

Felt food Jelly Roll

Anyway on to the new graduate, Macomb County Strawberry Festival, I think in terms of graphic design it’s one of the most beautiful patterns I have made. And I think the pieces themselves are very special. When I was sketching them out, in my head I saw it as a summer celebration and decided it should be more of a fair or festival.

In Arizona we have a little town actually named Strawberry but I couldn’t make that one work. So I decided it should be a county festival  but which county? I did what all the greats do when stuck for an idea and googled fictional counties. I saw that To Kill a Mockingbird was set in the fictional maycomb county and figured that was just as good a name as any and made a quick note of it.

Felt Strawberry Shortcake pattern

Dozens of prototypes and pictures later I came back to my notes and assumed I had just written it down phenetically and re-wrote it Macomb which it turns out does have a strawberry festival and just happens to be the county where Sheila (business partner extrodinare) was married. So let this serve as our little shout out to Macomb county Michigain here’s hoping our berries are as beautiful as yours! At any rate here’s the pattern and I hope it inspires you.


Strawberry Charlotte felt food tutorial

And the winner is!

26 May

#3 by a landslide! And our contest winner is Pam Schremp Proctor! Thanks so much for all your input on this pattern!  Those of you who know me know I tend overwork a pattern and end up with a million versions before settling on a piece so I am sure we will be doing this all again soon. Meanwhile you can get our  pattern May 29th on our website or our Etsy store. We will also be releasing a mini pattern with all four shortcake styles soon…Oh and stay tuned cause the next pattern is a doozy, any guesses?

I went to the Maker Faire the needle and wet felters were there…

23 May

This past weekend we headed out to Maker Faire in San Jose Ca and all I can say is AMAZING! They had tesla coils, giant mechanical birds, and more robots than you can shake a mechanical finger at but here’s what inspired me… (spoiler alert it involves felt)

<iframe src=”; width=”1px” height=”1px”

This booth was buzzing so I didn’t really get to talk to the artist other than a few words, the words I chose were, “wow” and “needle or wet felted” and the replies I received: “thanks” and “both”

These pieces were from Woolbuddies ( I hope I’ve got that right I was too in awe to take notes.) I just love the juxtaposition of man-ly objects and a traditionally female art form of course the hot pink doesn’t hurt either!! Modern, cool and comical this booth was all this and more!

Plus you gotta love any dude who needlefelts, no really you have to, it’s a new law…look it up.

Bonus points for the suit jacket and creative use of mustaches.  I wish I’d managed to get a picture of the ultra huggable dinosaur but just trust me AHH -MAZING!

But my roving rondevu’s weren’t over yet, later inside the area called the Bazaar Bizarre I spied these little cuties:
needle felted sea horse

 The attention to detail on these pieces was mind boggling!!! Sadly I did not get to talk to the artist but they look to be needle (rather than wet) felted. Sorry I didn’t get the name of this booth but if you know who these critters belong to please let me know so they can get credit for bringing these guys to life!

needle felting maker faire

 Can’t you just tell that mouse and chick are friends? I hope if they were bought that they stayed together.

needle felted octopusWhile contemplating this guy there was universal agreement that octopi are, for all intensive purposes, awesome!

wet felted jewelry

Lastly are these stunning pieces by Naoko Nojiri. Just amazing!!! The pieces were clearly wet felted and their free formed outlines are reminiscent of impressionist paintings! (see that art history class wasn’t such a waste) What an amazing and talented artist!

So my takeaways from this are, I must return to needle and wet felting, (right after I finish the 47 projects I have lined up) and everything looks better in a bell jar!!

 In case you’re feeling inspired too we are offering  35% off roving for the next week only so go get your felt on! (use code MF at checkout)

Anyone know if this means I can write off my funnel cake?



Have your (short) cake and sew it too!

11 May


We are working on our latest felt food pattern  “Macomb County Strawberry Festival” slated to be released May 29th 2011!

This pattern will feature 4 different strawberry themed felt food treats; Strawberry Charlotte, a Basket of Strawberries, a Strawberry Jellyroll and…you guessed it Strawberry Shortcake.

As followers of this blog know I am nothing if not thorough, and once again I have made 4 different versions of this felt food confection….keep reading this is where you come in… I need you guys to help me decide which version to include in our pattern. Your choices include 1: Shortcake cups, 2: Shortcake cups with strawberry compote, 3: Classic biscuit shortcake  and 4: pound cake slices.

Leave us a comment or telling us which you prefer and  you could win our newest PDF pattern AND a $10 gift certificate to our store to start your strawberry adventure!!

There is no limit to how many times you can enter here’s how you win:

  • Comment on this post
  • Leave a comment on our face book page

Bonus Entries (can be submitted in a reply to this post or via email):

The deadline to enter is May 25th at midnight Pacific Time. The winner will be chosen at random announced on May 26th. Sorry this giveaway is limited to the U.S. and Canada.

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