Gulf Coast Catch

6 Jul

Gulf Coast Catch Instantly downloadble PDF pattern available now!

Our new pattern : Gulf Coast Catch features some of the Gulf Coasts’ best offerings. Fish, Shrimp and Clams!!

This pattern was created to specifically to help the animals and fisherman effected by the BP oil Spill. American Felt and Craft has always taken our commitment to protecting our environment seriously. And in an effort to help 100% of our profits from this pattern, EVERY PENNY, will be donated to 2 charities to help those effected by this horrible event. We hope you will join us in helping those effected and we know you will enjoy this beautiful pattern.

The first of the two charities we donate to will be the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund which focuses  on helping  fishermen and their families but we know that losing livelihoods pales in comparison to the massive loss of life and homes for millions of animals so please join us in selecting the second of the charities we donate the profits to:

For more on these Charities:

American Bird Conservancy

Friends of the Earth

Green Peace

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund

Here’s to leaving this world a better place for our children!


Gulf Coast Catch available now at :

2 Responses to “Gulf Coast Catch”

  1. MammaDucky July 29, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    How wonderful! I just found your site, and boy will my husband be angry! Ahahahaha! Well, since we can’t hit up the inlaw’s beach house (it’s on Grand Isle, one of the majorly affected areas here in Louisiana), we might as well make some of these!!!

  2. A Wonkey Donkey September 9, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    These just crack me up and I wish I was a fishmonger so I could put them in the fish case. They are so cute.

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