…It’s Baaack! Shrimp Stirfry in stock now!!

9 Jun


Back in April and again in mid May we put these wonderful felt food kits  up for pre-sale on our site. To our surprise we sold out in pre-sale in less than 1 week BOTH times!   Now their actually  in stock  and ready to ship out when you order! So Hurry before their gone and if history has taught us anything, they will go fast!


The Popcorn Tree’s Shrimp Stir-Fry includes everything (pre-cut wool blend pieces, full color picture instructions in English, needle, thread, stuffing, everything! ) you need to make approximately 20 stir-fry noodles, 3 shrimp, 3 snow pea pods, 2 water chestnuts and 2 Straw Mushrooms, packaged in a signature Chinese take out box from The Popcorn Tree.
This isn’t a flimsy template or a hard to follow pattern, every piece is precut to the correct size so you can spend less time measuring and cutting and more time crafting.


Made in America.

Seriously what are you waiting for???!! www.AmericanFeltandCraft.com

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